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Please help, High Instep and Skinny Legs

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First of all I would like to thank in advance all who read this.

Ive been skiing for 4 years now and love it! Ive gotten into racing and consistently get Golds and occasionally Silvers in Nastar. Im also into skiing the back bowls and having fun in the non-groomers. My problem is that my feet/toes always hurt and go numb about half way through a skiing day. I had my feet looked at by a doctor and they informed me that I have a high instep and boot shopping will be difficult.

Ive been reading all of these threads and have taken a lot of notes, however it seems that everytime a boot is suggested for a high instep, the boot is high volume which wont work for me.

Is there anything anyone can suggest for High Instep with skinny legs?

All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for everyones help, I really appreciate this.
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Your problem of a narrow foot with a high instep is a difficult one to address with an out of the box boot as you have found. It sounds like you have already learned, your cold and numb toes are probably caused by cutting off blood flow and/or nerves in the instep area.

First, it is difficult to make suggestions on boot selection without seeing your feet. In general, you could choose a boot that fits everywhere else well, then attack the instep issue by lowering the boot board, and/or making a custom liner. Also, having a footbed made will help support the arch which will lessen any aching resulting from collapsing the arch caused by over buckling over the instep.

I would suggest finding a reputable boot fitter in your area and paying him/her a visit. Since you are obviously advancing quickly in your skiing skills and love the sport, it would be a worthwhile expenditure to invest in some custom boot work!

good luck!
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I agree with Bud but will also say that it is possible to reduce tongue thickness without having a custom liner made if that is better financially.
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Zip Fit makes an after market "liner wrap" which laces around your existing liner which will take up volume around narrow feet. It retails for about $100 and has there proprietary cork/putty flow material inside which is activated by heating. This could be a great option to snug up a boot which is too volumous for your narrow feet. I stock them if you can not find them locally and you can easily fit them yourself.
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Bud and Lou,

Thanks for the help I really appreciate it!

I guess Ill start saving up some money and head out out a bootfitter. Im actually looking forward to this. Is there any particular brand you guys think I should pay attention to?

Also I had custom insoles made two years ago, some guy thought that would take away the pain, but he was wrong. Can I still use those insoles in a new pair of boots? Just trying to save a little cash while knowing Im probably about to drop a lot.
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Should be able to use the footbeds if they are good. I am surprized the bootfitter told you the footbeds would solve your instep issue??? How would a footbed lower the instep height?
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I would suggest looking into the Dalbello Krypton. it is fairly narow and because shell is not an overlap type boot possibly they can do something to the tounge so that it does not bother your instep. The intuition linner may not be enough to fill the narow foot you might consider a full Zip Fit to fill it up but you might not like the tounge. This would be a goot place to start from. It will not let you down in the nastar course either. it can be made fairly stiff. There is a stiff tounge you can order for it. good luck
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Thanks for the reply. Im going to Telluride in a few weeks and Ive been told some good things of a store called Boot Doctors. Ill definately look into the Kryptons when Im there. I appreciate the reccomendation.
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there is also a ski shop call Le Ski Mastrey Alain Veth runs it and he is X French National team member and he is very good. Do yourself a favor and look him up. I don't know if he caries this particular boot but I know it will be a good option for you.
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