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Head Monster iM88 175cm

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Ski: Head iM88 + Mojo15 mounted flat and on the line. Factory tune (brand new) apart from a fresh coat of wax.

Skier info:
Height/weight: 5'9" 71kg...155lb
Ability: 8
Age: 48 and fit
Days/year: 10 (this year) 20 (usually)
Conditions: Lots of fresh, slightly wind packed but still loose. No nasty grooming :-)

After a very so-so NZ season, I finally got my shiny new Monsters out for their first full day. Our local field www.brokenriver.co.nz had received a metre of snow in the previous week, just after most fields in the region had closed for the season due to lack of snow! Weather can be cruel sometimes.

Executive summary: This is the best ski I've ever owned.

I bought these after lots of research, reading and demoing. Similar skis tried included Mantra, Apache Outlaw, Afterburner, Seths. Didn't feel like buying any of them. I didn't get to demo these ones so I was a bit nervous buying them. Been using an old pair of Mad Trix Mojo 186cm for the last 2 years, Bandit XX 177cm before that. I'm not very big, so all the talk of these being "big, solid, damp, bruisers, etc" had me a little worried, but I knew I liked Head skis in general, so when they came up on pre-season sale, I took a chance.

Impressions from the day - wow! Surprisingly easy to ski, (very) fast, smooth - just soaked up the crud - "liquid metal" is a pretty good description of the feeling there. Grippy, easy to initiate, much lighter feeling and more "fun" than I was expecting. Plenty of pop if you wanted it. I think the turn radius is around 19m, and I wouldn't want any less, they felt very turny. Great in steep tight chutes, easy to bring around and felt really confident. Would like to try the 186, I expected these to feel big, but they actually felt a little short if anything. I over-drove the tips a few times, had to focus on keeping my weight centred (186 Mojos had made me lazy).

OK maybe some of it was the conditions, it was pretty much the perfect day for these skis, but apart from a possible question over the length, I was so happy to be on these skis. To anyone considering them but put off by comments about how burly they are, I'd say go for it.

Earlier in the season, while waiting for the real snow to come, I took a few groomer runs on them and they were suprisingly good there too. Lots of edge grip on icy steeps, lovely carves fast or slow. I think these plus my 170 P50 RC Racing make a pretty nice quiver.

I reckon dawgcatching said it best here (as he usually does):
What he describes is what I felt.

Cheers from NZ,
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Thorough review - as usual (smirk) . I demo'ed these in 2005 and liked them, but did not need new skis then so convinced Adrian to buy some. And he is really really happy with them, he blitzed everything on them on our 2006 US trip - powder, trees - we could not keep him out of the trees.

Pleased to see you got some days in with your limited Canterbury season. I tried to come to Craigieburn the weekend of Aug 5/6 to catch up with everyone, but that was the first weekend they opened for members only and had to bring your old skis. Julie M (aka J1) was not keen to take her new Heads and neither of us had rock hoppers so we ventured to Mt Lyford - was very limited but at least I can say I've been there. Cause I prepaid our CV accomodation I now have vouchers for next so I'll just have to come again next year - what a hardship. Meant to come visit you when I got succonded to the meeting room on the first floor for the 'TWL crisis' last month, but was a bit too full on, so next time I am in CHC we have to 'do lunch', or maybe 'do coffee' cause you don't 'do lunch'
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I bought them last year and liked them as soon as I put them on.
I told a friend about them and he got a pair. We ski them a Alta, and
we are both overjoyed with their performance. The 88s are a cant
miss buy for most people.
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Originally Posted by julie from nz View Post
...but did not need new skis then...

Keen for coffee anytime, would be good to see you, let me know when you're around 'cos I don't get out much :-)

Been back to BR twice more since this report. Once with Isla on my back, which was a good workout to say the least. To the uninitiated - it's normally a 25-30min walk up to the field, add 16 kg of daughter in a backpack and it takes a bit longer!! Luckily the tows run until 6pm at this time of year. And last Friday for 30cm of fresh buttery smooth soppy spring goodness. Of course the Monsters lapped that up too.
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