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Hey there EpicSki, it's coming up on ski season so it's time I return to the forum and say hi (not that anyone remembers who the hell I am).


Trying to throw together a ski trip with my wife and a few friends for the winter holiday week. Here are my restrictions:

Dates: has to be 12/26 to 1/1 as this is the only time that everyone can get off of work this year.

Ability: wide range. I ski anything and am happy on steeps, terrain and empty groomers where I can rip (good luck with that on holiday season). Others ski intermediate level terrain, park, or straight to the bar.

Nightlife: normally my wife and I don't give a **** about it. However, this year we're going with two couples and there has been a desire expressed to have places around with good restaurants, bars, etc. as this will be as much a relax and party week for some as it will be about the skiing for others. My wife and I loved Utah the week before Xmas last year, unlikely Utah is going to suit the entire crowd this year.

Snow: I want the best available this time of year, and Utah's already out of the question.

Crowds: Looking to minimize the hordes on slope if possible...might not be possible during Xmas week.

Price: Looking to keep it under $2K per couple with some room for extending ourselves if needed.

Prospective areas: Summit Co. CO, Big Sky, Whistler-Blackomb, Tahoe area.

What I know:
I've spent a ton of time in Summit/Eagle and know the area pretty well. I've found some pretty good condo deals in Frisco, Minturn, Avon and maybe Breck. The place is mobbed this week in December, and the snow can be iffy year to year. If the bowls aren't open, I'm gonna be unhappy, claustrophobic...and probably at the base drinking. But, if they snow's decent, I'll be happy as a clam as I can find lonely nooks at any of these resorts regardless of crowds.

Big Sky...nada. I don't know **** about it.

Tahoe...iffy snow this time of year?

Whistler...same as above, cold as hell in December, expensive (esp. airfare)...but I've skied here a bunch and am totally in love with the mountain (bars/food aren't bad either).

Please...drown me in advice oh wise sages.