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Questions To Ask Sellers When Buying Used Skis On Ebay

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I'm seriously considering buying used skis on Ebay. I've still not decided. If I buy used, I can save a bundle and get "my dream skis." I buy off Ebay all the time, so I know the usual pitfalls. But not with skis.

What are some good, smart questions to ask Ebay sellers, assuming their advertisements cover the usual basic data and show a few pictures?
Any suggestions on probing questions which might help uncover a damaged or worn-out ski?

What about pictures? Any specialized pictures a buyer should request?
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Never bought skis on eBay, but I've sold a few pairs. In the description I include how many days they've been skied, if they've been tuned recently, any significant repairs that I've made, Din range of the binding, and what boot size and boot sole length the bindings have been mounted for. You might also want to know what kind of skier has used them - Sunday cruiser, bump basher, park rat, racer, etc, or were they demo skis. That might tell you something about how much life they have left in them. If I were buying used skis I probably wouldn't want to go back more than one season. I've seen a number of listings on eBay where the skis are actually older than claimed, so it helps to have a ski mag equipment guide or catalog handy to identify the cosmetics. You might also want to know why they are for sale.

In my listings I include fairly close up photos showing the top and the base of both skis and a close up of the bindings. I wouldn't be too impressed if the only photo is a long range shot of both skis leaning up against the wall.
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If the ski is advertised as new, and is from a high volume seller, you should not need to ask many questions.

The situation is different if the ski is used or from a small-time seller.

In this case I would confirm the following;

Does the title and description match? Sometimes the title says "New" but the description says "Used less than 10 days".

Ask the seller. Is the ski new; have bindings ever been installed; are you the original owner; how many days of use; any damage or defects. If the seller replies and the ski is not as described you have a strong case for a dispute.

I've only been disappointed once by a "almost new" ski that was well worn. It was returned to the seller for full credit without the need for a formal dispute.

I've probably purchased 20 or more skis on eBay.

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Find out how many time it has been drilled.
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If they're new, make sure they're being shipped with the correct bindings..
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Be very wary of used race stock on Ebay- they often look great but have been tuned so frequently that they have little usable edge left. Request pictures of edges with another object for scale.
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