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dynastar legend pro's?

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anybody ride the new legend pro's or heard anything about them??
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Do a search on TGR. Lots of info there.
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I just spent 3 days on a pair of 186cm Legend Pros. Day 1 was 10" fresh windpack and then we moved to high speed groom. Days 2 and 3 were at Whistler where the glacier was packed powder and the bottom was 6" of soup with everything in between. They were simply outstanding in all conditions, and even made the soup fun. I consider them a freak of nature - a fat ski that was totally comfortable in ugly windpack and yet carves like crazy on packed and hard surfaces. I ordered a pair. All the ski I could ever hope for in a single pair of boards. Do feel a bit like you're riding tongue depressors though. But you get used to it - fast.
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