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New Ski Fitness Article

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If any of you are ski instructors, check out my article, entitled Boomerang, in this month's TPS. A few of you are quoted.

For the rest of you, here's a new ski fitness article
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Hey Lisamarie, I already read it. I liked it a lot until I realized you wrote it. then I loved it!
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Thanks! That's sweet!
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What Do you Think of Bodyweight Training?


I am a newbie here, just signed up, but from the little I have read so far from you and others I am impressed. I have a question for you specifically. I crashed my mountainbike last November coming down off a mountain into a tree, third degree separation. Missed last ski season: Had surgery and PT, Have been on my own training program for a few months. I have been biking for 15 years and skiing for 20, so I chalk this up to a freak accident.

Sorry for the long winded intro, the question is coming soon. I have been an avid weightlifter for the past 25 years, however after the accident I have been practicing Bodyweight only training utilizing several books such as "Stability Ball Training" "Pushing yourself to Power", "Isometric Power Revolution" and I have purchased "Core Performance" but have yet to utilize any exercises from it.

I am creating workouts that last for 30 minutes and changing them up every 3 weeks. I start out with stretching movement exercises, then mix in pushing, pulling, core, and leg movements utilizing the books above, no weight except my body. My question is can this be effective enough to get in good shape for skiing. This is all new to an old iron gym rat like myself. Would be interested in your opinion. Seems like most articles I have read so far utilize free weights or machines. What I have noticed so far in my workouts is that I am completely wiped out after 30 minutes, covered in sweat, very unlike my old weightlifting workouts. I am also noticing an incredibly strong core that I haven't experienced in years. The only thing I haven't added in yet is any sort of stability training.

Sorry for the long winded question. Thanks for the feedback.
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Hi, and welcome to Epicski. Like you, I was a weight lifting junkie. However, I discovered that it did precious little for my ski-specific balance. If you add a bit of stability training to your core program, I think you will be very pleased with the results!
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Thanks for the welcome and response, could you direct a newbie such as me to some good articles on the type of stability training that would be best to incorporate into my workouts? Also, how much should they consume of my workouts, a few exercises, 10%, 25%, etc.....
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