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First Tracks

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The long wait is over. 4 months and 9 days since the 06-07 season ended for me, I am back.

After a shift that kept my working until 3:30 in the morning, I got up too late to get as far as I wanted to, but the coverage on Pan was acceptable, so I started out climbing Austin Pass. There was about 24 inches at the bottom, but it was heavy and consolidated enough to provide decent coverage....but you had to keep on your toes to avoid the boulders. By the time I got to the top, the snowpack was about 30-36 inches.

The light kinda sucked by late afternoon, so the pics are not my best. No action shots as I couldn't find anyone else who wanted to head up that late.

Three trips up and first tracks of the season...it was a good day.

By the time I headed back down around 6, the snow was sun crusting...but a Full Sail Nugget red ale awaited in the snowbank.
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Look's Fun, The rookies look quite white from where I live (calgary, AB) I might have to trek up there this weekend.

Grats on the tracks, wish I was there
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