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18 mos putting on my boots

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Here is my son at 18 mos very excited to show dad how well he can ski..... He and his mother skied earlier in the day while I was in Pro Jam. Needless to say, we had a ball.
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Adding my first photos, sorry...lets try again
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I added then deleted it...thinking I was saving space. Wrong.
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Looks like you guys are heading for a fun year.
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OK, cute, cute, cute!!

What boots are those? What's he skiing exactly?

Gotta a 20-month-old and he's hitting slopes for first time this winter.
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Killington Rentals.....the smallest boot size available...I think 16??? I believe it equates to a size 8, but he was a 6 at the time. The skis were 67cm.

He did great from the first run. He loved it. I will note that he "played" on the plastic strap binding type skis now and again before doing this.

Straight runs---30-50 feet. Hands out chasing me down the slope. We had great video,,but I taped over it Christmas Morning---him coming down the steps...Yes...it really happened that way.

After this event, I purchased him his own...I will give 100% specifics next time I post. My wife and new born are sleeping..If I went into the closet to get this info tonight....I'd be dead.
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Isn't the magic carpet a great invention?
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Just checked the boot size.....smallest made is 15.5. I think it is a size 8. As I posted elsewhere, this boot was about 1 inch big for my 18mo old....He is 28 mos old now and wears a 9.. I think (hope) these fit. I will put them on him tomorrow.

Majic carpet...very nice.

However Daddy did a whole lot of climbing this last season too.

1) If ridden too much, he liked the carpet better than the snow.

2) He would rather ski 100 feet than 600 feet. you cannot get off unless you go to the top.
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