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Wally Skis?

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Anybody hear of these? How much are they (not that I'm interested. Apparently they're produced by a custom yacht builder)?
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Don't sound like anything I'd be interested in. Check out this:
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There was an online seller from Utah with a few of these at one point; IIRC a final price between $250-$350. Check the forum Archives, there have been a few threads on this.

Of course, if you really want CF _and_ panache, you'd better talk to folks like drakeboinay on the theory that custom-for-you beats a yachting connection.

If you just want CF (not that there's anything wrong with that!), Goode might be able to help.

(Abstaining from further before dchan moves the entire thread over to Ski Gear)
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P.S. DO notice the caution about drilling more than once into CF skis (on Goode's website ). It changes the value math for used skis, for me anyway.
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I saw these skis in a shop in Laax, Switzerland this year. Solid dark grey/black carbon fiber topskin. Don't know the construction. They were extremly lightweight, and extremly stiff.

Price: 2000 Euros! I believe that was without bindings also.

No idea how they ski.
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