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Tricky touring binding question

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Recommendations required for a touring binding for use with alpine boots for use for a couple of hours of non demanding skinning each day for a couple weeks in Canada in Jan & then 3 weeks further use in Europe over the rest of the season.

User is a 62 yr old female who's 5'/120lbs & who currently skis Rossi B2W's at a tad under 150cm. She's a fit experienced advanced off-piste skier with strong technique but not aggressive. Her current Rossi/Look bindings are set at 4.5 DIN with no pre-releases. Boots are ladies Sallie X-Wave's with a sole length is 285mm.

Renting a set-up for such a slightly built person will be nigh on impossible & not cost effective so the plan is to buy/mount the touring set-up on another pair of last seasons B2W's in the same length which are still available at a heavy discount.
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Frischi Express?

DIN down to 4, proven design.

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Thanks. My UK listing only had their Freeride Plus model.
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Just be aware that - as mentioned on Lou's referenced web page - the Express comes without brakes. Brakes can be added, but you have to get them separately. Other than that the Express is a good call for your friend, but she might also consider Naxo bindings which go down to DIN 3. I don't have any personal experience with the Prinzzess but it looks promising. The Small size should comfortably hold 285mm soles, and brakes are add-on as well:
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