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Lodgine Advice Snowmass

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I am looking into taking a trip to the Aspen/snowmass area. Not having ever been there, I am wondering if there is any lodging to be had in the $200 a night range? I have had exceptional luck finding 2 br's in vail or PC/deer valley but I would like to try Snowmass. Obviously it won't be ski/out, but if the shuttles are good, that works for me. Thanks to anyone that has been there and can pass along some tips/advice.
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Your least expensive options. You can also try Crestwood in Snowmass. The shuttles are good and you don't need a car. You can also try stayaspensnowmass.com for specials.


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Snowmass Inn? Any good?

Never been, just curious like the OP.
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The Poko and Snowmass are two of the older original lodges at Snowmass. They are nice economical lodging in the heart of Snowmass and 50 yards or less to the slope. They are also conveniently located next to a economical watering hole. The next step up from them is Stonebridge.
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Both the Pokolodi and the Snowmass Inn are nice older lodges with regular hotel rooms. The Crestwood is nice large condo complex with lots of amenities and a fairly high level of service.

For the OP to find something around $200/night he would probably have to look at the lower village. WoodBridge or Seasons Four condo's both have lots of 2 bedroom units. You can ski back in, but you would want to take one of the frequent shuttle up to the lifts in the morning.

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