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Help for my daughter please

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From what I can see in the rollerblade video, her skills look very good for a 10 year old. While I understand your desire to see her excel, I think (and I am basing this on nothing more then your quick description and those roller blade videos) your daugther is in a very good program.

If the above is true, then it would be very detrimental to your daughters development to have her taking advice from this forum which may be contradicting to what her coach is teaching. There may be the off chance that you may recieve a good piece of advice, but the chances of it actually improving her skiing over what her coach is doing is extremly slim.

There is no substitute for good on the hill coaching....and it appears your daughter has that already....my advice is post your own skiing here, and use this forum for your own development, and leave your daughter's development to her coach...by the looks of things you are going to be needing to ski pretty quick if you are going to keep up to her.:
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Maybe she has a sort of seasonal problems, maybe psychological, maybe the problems of physical growth and development. But I am not excepting, that she has a technical demerits and in order to understand this, I use all available for me resources, including a chance to find an advice from professional forum, where “are living” specialists.
Any one or combination of the above can have an affect on performance. Even the top world cup skiers have up and down results during competition. A world cup racer who gets third place in every race has the ability to win the overall world cup, and not win even one race.

What is interesting, is a person (or child) who is not performing well at the end of one season, may have much better results the following season without changing very much. What is important is she have a perfect fit with boots (custon) and matched with skis that are approiate in length and flex for each disclipine. Another important part of her skiing is having a certain fun factor added in, whether it is free skiing with other school mates or traveling to ski other areas and free skiing.

As for her technique, you as her coach can see if she is using any defenceive manuvers in her skiing, or able to move with the skis or against the skis. See where any movement against the skis is occuring and make adjustments in her trainning to improve those areas.

I hope this is helpfull to you and her.


PS: Welcome to Epic
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Goto www.youcanski.com choose the russian or english pages.

You will find many good ideas in both russian and english text.
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dabbler, we are not so far apart so if you want you can PM me and we can have a look at your options. Im teaching at a couple of resort and we have one kid in the WC at the moment. But for that kind of result serious devotion from the entire family over a long period of time is needed.

Our national racing assosiation is handing out instructions on how to coach kids from age 4 and up. They dont want us to deviate from that program since they need all the kids to be about same level when they are passed on from local clubs to the alpine schools. You should check with your own national racing assosication. They can help you.
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Dabbler, it seems you have a good plan going and have fun in Ruka. When you come to Espoo we can go skiing at nearby hill. We can make it an Epic ski camp .
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OK! As if some sort of NW Europe Epicski subdivision. Keep in touch.
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