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Dryland Roller Blade MA please!

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I posted this video on the fitness board (The little Russian kids motivated me!), but I figured I would see if I could get a little MA in the general forum.

Being the video geek I am, I video-ed some Roller Blade training today and edited it up. I have a great street to use. Could use just a touch more pitch perhaps. You do not need fancy stuff. I got everything second hand. (Including I think my clothes. You will see what I mean). In case you do not notice, I am NOT a very accomplished roller blader but I have fun!

Soundtrack. Trust me, this is an intentional homage to cheesy music - but if this vid does not get you moving or at least interested in scouting out some cul-de-sacs and trying some roller blades, I don't know what will. Anybody tell me what 80s movie featured the final song?

Finally, I would love some motion analysis if anybody feels like it. I am thick skinned so let's hear it. Bear in mind though I am just a dorky 38 year old beer league dad. (Like you cannot tell from the video right?)

Hot off the press...

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You have to be careful there. You are doing a couple of bad things:

1) leading with the outside hand, which results in lack of upper-lower body separation and promoting rotation. Almost guaranteed to skid your tails when doing this on skis

2) you lack the confidence to weigh the outside foot. This means you are riding the inside foot and letting the outside foot act as an outrigger for balance.

My suggestion is to work on balance drills, riding on one foot, turning on the outside foot, keeping you body facing more downhill. I realize that you are not an expert in-line skater, but the risk is that these habits will be carried on snow with less than ideal consequences.
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Racer ready? Course Clear? Watch out for that dump truck!

I see what Tom sees. But I also see some good angulation where you get your Center of Mass strongly to the inside of the turn. Thank you also for emphasizing safety and wearing all the gear.

I'd like to see you get your belt line and your shoulder line parallel to each other and to the road surface when you are facing the camera. Try doing this with shorter radius turns first, then working your way up to full road width turns. That should alleviate the outrigge syndrome.

I'd also like to see your pole swings opposite of how you're doing them. You are pulling your new inside hand back as you start a new turn (see how your hand crosses in front of the body as you finish a turn?). We want to see the new inside hand extending forward and to the inside as a cue for the inside hip to be moving forward to the inside also. Instead of having your hands move laterally from just outside shoulder width to in front of the body, we want to see them move from just outside shoulder width to farther away outside of shoulder width. Practice flicking your wrist to get the pole baskets in front of you like you'd do for a ski pole touch too. But be careful with using your regular ski poles and making actual pole touches. Blades put you about an inch higher off the pavement than skis off the snow. This can help develop a crouch in your skiing while you wear out your pole tips too (although you can get rubber covers). This will help you get more upper/lower body separation.

These two changes will help develop stronger skiing movements.
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Wow. It really helps me to validate my increasing understanding of the sport (of skiing) to see that Tom and therusty have already said the things I was planning to say. Maybe some day soon we'll have enough snow to to put it all to use for real! Great dry land stoke. Keep the spirit alive. It's snowing at Kirkwood today! Cheers.

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The hip and shoulder on the inside half are dropping backward. Could it be from dropping the inside hand? Or is the hand a symptom of dropping the hip / shoulder? I suspect you are adding a little steering which happens when the hip is not being used enough. Try keeping the foot beneath the hip and rolling the inside knee towards the inside of the turn.
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Now you need some gates with road bases....fun times.
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I'll echo the comments above. BTW, my feeling is that inline skates need the movements you'd use to ice skate. I find that carvers are a better approximation of the movements needed to carve on skis.

See this vid for an example.
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Nice video Max. Aside from the equipment change, there is a marked change in leg and hip usage going on. The pelvis remains over the feet (not trailing) allowing the hips and the legs to move through a wider range. The core and upper body are more disciplined as well, which eliminates the need for the excessive arm usage.

Conventional theory would say the ankle usage is the primary key but I am wondering if the focus should be there, or on keeping the pelvis over the feet. Yes the joints of the lower body need to work in unison but I have found the best way to bring that about is by a conscious focus on keeping the hips / pelvis over the feet.
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Thanks gang!

Love to hear more. Good Stuff. Keep it coming.

I hear ya re the arms. I guess my old school counter rotation / cross blocking formative years are showing their ugly head.

I would LOVE to get more angulation and I can on skis but I just don't trust the road surface or the blades enough. That probably has a lot to do with the outrigger syndrome. I also felt there was not enough speed to produce the pysics to get the blades hard over without a faceplant.

Then there is the fact that I have to get up and go to work in the morning, so a wipeout (pads or not) is highly undesireable! I know I am a wimp. I need to tuffen up!

Here is me in a ski race in 2006. Tough conditions. I am afraid I do not have any freeskiing footage. This year perhaps.

PS. H Carvers are cool as he!! !
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