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Binding Mount Question

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I recently got my bindings mounted at a local shop and I have noticed that while the heel plates look perfect on both skis, on one of the skis the toe plate is ever so slightly off kilter. It is on a slight slant. I tried on my boots and they went into the bindings just fine. I can't tell at all that it is off center by just standing in them.

However, will this cause a problem when it comes to skiing characteristics and pre-release of my boots?

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This should get fun...
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Is the top surface of the ski even with the edges? The binding must be centered over the edges, and the top of the ski might not be.

In any case, I'll ski them. I'll send you a buck-fifty and my can put the skis in tomorrow's mail. Really, I'd ski them without a second thought. They'll be fine unless there's a problem the photos don't show.
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The top of the ski is about a centimeter narrower than the edges on both sides. I guess this is called cap construction? Anyway, like I said, will the off kilter toe piece do anything in terms of prerelease when I don't want them too. This is my main concern.

I am all about the mantra, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" So, I prefer not to mess around with the binding if I don't need to.

Appreciate the offer, but I am going to be the one to enjoy these babies!
Just want to make sure that I will not have problems in the future.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

This should get fun...
As in: "What are you doing with skis that narrow in Denver anyway?"
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I recall seeing this happen with the Look/Rossi bindings on occasion.

The only way to really tell is to remove the toe piece and measure the distance the holes are from the edge of the ski (to see if they are the same). If so, you're good. If not, bring them back and ask for a new pair of skis.

What I think happens is the binding is in the right place, but the lifters can shift a little under the bindings (due to the holes that the screws go through being slightly larger than the screws).

It's extremely difficult to mismount bindings with the correct jig, although that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

So, to sum it up, I wouldn't worry too much, but I wouldn't say your 100% good to go either.
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What Gauthier said.

Also I've seen it, too, on other brands. There can be other reasons, but you are safe. As long as your bindings passed the torque tests, you shouldn't have to worry.

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post
As in: "What are you doing with skis that narrow in Denver anyway?"
They are Head Monster 77 skis. Did not think that was too narrow for Denver at all...Besides I stay mostly to the front side...for now...

As for the bindings, I have read that this happened in the past to a number of people. I am disappointed that it is not "perfect". Someone said it best when they said, "if you entrust people with their skis, they should make every effort to get it right." Maybe they did, but *!? happens, right?

Anyway, I read that maybe it is possible to unscrew the binding and "persuade" the binding and retighten when it is centered. Since it is only off by 1, maybe 2 mm, I believe that this might be possible to do. What do you guys think?
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I did a little measuring and found the bindings to be off the center mark by 3mm...Should I be furious and request new skis?
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This pick might help you visualize the extent of the mismount...
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Last photo...I promise!

Sorry to indundate with photos, I just feel that this is an issue that should now even took place, especially considering how much I paid for all of this equipment. To not have it done right is disheartening and shocking...I placed a call to one of the shop managers about the issue letting them know I was disappointed and I wanted to see what they could do for me(possible replacement?)

Thanks for any input you guys have....

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Looosen (don't remove them, just loosen them) the four screws on the toe piece, push the binding toe to the right while simultaneously tightening the screws. The ski will be fine.
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I seem to think the untigthen, "push and pray", retighten method might work because I measured the distance from the screw mounting points to the edge of the ski and they seem to be centered.
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I am happy to say that the ski shop says that it will do whatever it takes to make it right. I will take the skis in next week to see if they can fix it...will report back...
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