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Unusual Boot Mod Question

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OK. I'm planning on buying a pair of Head Ezon 9.5's. My wife has a pair and she is happy. We both have wide feet and want a comfortable fit. This boot has an auto walk feature. When the boot locks into the binding the boot is locked into a forward lean position. I once had a pair of Technica Icons that I had to get rid of because of too much forward lean. It killed my claves. The boots I have now have much less forward lean and are better in this regard but also need replacing. I measured the forward lean of my wife's Heads and they have almost 1" more lean then my current boots. My plan is to remove the auto walk feature (very easy to do). This would allow me to cut down on the amount of foward lean. While I would gain less foward lean it would also allow the boot to move about 1/2 -3/4" from the cuff. Basically it would be like skiing with a manual ski/walk feature in walk mode. I wanted to know if this would be an issue. When I first started skiing boot compaines would make boots that flexed forward and backwards. Any thoughts?
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It depends on your skiing style. If you just make windshield wiper turns on flat easy runs, they might work. If you make more demanding turns where you need to pressure the tip, you won't do well.

Have you tried the boots on? I like the upright position and find that much forward lean hurts my skiing. The forward lean might be less than what you're measuring...or maybe not. Head boots generally have less forward lean than Technicas.

The EZON2 9.5 has a flex index of 70, which is pretty soft, the same as a kid's race boot. I don't think you'd want it softer. That boot does have Head's widest last, 106mm.
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What matters is if you think making your shin travel 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch before feeling any positive effect at the ski is a good thing or not.

If balance is an issue, and you are generally unsteady, then that buffer will work great. If you want to have some shovel pressure without throwing yourself too far forwards, it's a bad idea.

Whatever you do, make sure you can re-install it if you hate it,or it will cost you a lot of

Originally Posted by Homer Simpson
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I guess I should have said that I'm an advanced skier who almost always carves. I don't like to make Christy type turns. I haven't tried the boots on yet but I think they may work well. I paid 89.99 for new 06 boots. So if they don't fit well I can always sell them for cost. I have a very wide flat foot and Head makes a really wide footbes. I also need a boot I can get into without pinching my foot and Head has this covered too. My wife has a pair and they are easy in and out. Yeah the auto walk feature is easy to install back if I need to. It's one pin that holds it all in. I'm thinking that my weight will forward when I ski and unless I hit a bump I don't think I will have any travel in the boot but that is just a guess. I also wonder if having a little softer boot with some flex will be good for the moguls. My options are quite limited. My only other option that I can see is the Nordica Grand Sports but I'd have to try them on first because that boot is about 400.00. They are a 4 buckle rear entry boot that is suppose to have a wide cut. The boots that killed my thighs by the way were Technica Icons. The boot had an OK fit but not being able to standup burned my legs something fierce.
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