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Interesting...Fritzmeyer Skis? Are you making that up??
It's interesting that no one (that I saw) mentioned Rosemont boots. I *almost* got a pair of these, but settled on the new Langes with "LangeFlo", which really worked...it took just a moment as the foam warmed up and flowed around your foot. As I said before, this really made skiing great (I know, I know, folks did it with wet leather boots for a long time before that...).
Rosemonts might have been the first injection foam boot, although Lange had that option as well, as I remember. One of my office mates had Rosemonts (when they were old years ago. Were they the first rear entry? The boot somehow hinged like a rear entry. They were all over the ski magazines then.
Today, my Lange L10's are fabulous (and they'll be even better when there is snow on the slopes ) Geez, I really like today's boots. Many fine manufacturers.
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Caber "rereleased" it just before the end. It had 6 buckles and was a one piece shell. Nobody bought it.
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