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Originally posted by JimL:
Old stuff seen within the last season actually being skied at Loveland:
Runaway straps.
I saw a guy with these last season. If I recall correctly his skis were the old K2's with the color block graphics (the ones that were around when Phil and Steve Mahre were at their peak). He also was wearing jeans with gaitors.
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Head Binding
Moog Bindings
Miller Skis
Sarver Skis
Americana skis & bindings
Collins poles

Moon Boots!

Rossignol = skis
Nordica = boots
Salmomon = bindings

Now you can have Nordica skis with Rossignol bindings and Salomon [/i]boots. Thats just not right!
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Moon boots are still bought over here, although I could never understand why!

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Phil, TUA skis are still around, mainly for AT and TELE.
The same company has now revived MAXEL skis
(they come out really pricey...)
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I meant to say Rosemont boots.
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I seem to remember a Maxel tennis raquette too.
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40 years ago, I got a pair of Cortina skis for Xmas. I still remember the details: powder blue, fancy decal, non-safety cable bindings, metal edges with box toe leather boots. Next came Kneissl white stars, 210, fiberglass, geze heel with long thong and marker toe, Raichle lace-ups. I got them 2nd hand from a ski patroller, my pride and joy.

Anybody ever hear of Cortina skis?

[img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I remember Cortina skis as being pretty good although I don't remember much more than that, from the era when Atomics were made by Rohrmoser and were sold under that name. Remember also Erbacher skis and the shorter version of long thongs, arlberg straps?
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I should have posted Tua alpine skis, I knew that they still made tele gear.

here is one that'll bring sone groans... Fritzmeyer skis.. they had adjustable weights to change the "feel" of the ski. It was a 170, that you could make feel like a 180 or 190. Nothing like more swing weight to make a ski feel longer.
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Yes SLATZ, Maxel was producing Tennis requettes as well.
Now the company owning the MAXEL, TUA and another
name that I can't remember, is producing skis only.
The Maxels (three models) are all carbon fiber
and really out of my reach.
In comparison, my old GS Maxel were very cheap
(I got them, as usual, at a shop end of season sale, how else one is expected to buy "good" stuff and still not pay full price, if one's not into the "inner circles"...)
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What ever happened to those "end of/pre season" sales. Things change so fast the stores don't stock that high end stuff because they can't move it year to year.
A friend who's been in the business for over 30 years says prices are ficticious now and things are always "on sale". This is "Labor Day" weekend. It's the time for pre-season sales. In the old days people would stand in line all night to be first in for the best deals. Not any more. No good deals(except 210 Fischer GS).(Pretty cheap)
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Henke's? No one here had a pair of Henke's? Don't get me wrong, these are way (emphasis way) before my time. My father...wait, my grandfather, yeah, that's it, my grandfather, had a pair of these.

Five dollar lift tickets???? Not equipment, but it gave you cash left over to actually buy gear.

Ski areas you skied at that are now out of business?
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lost boy,
san marco is now head.
what ever happened to kassenger boots?
my first pair of plastic boots were a pair of henke sliders...good old durapreem... yummy!
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Originally posted by oboe:
White Stag
Ah yes:
Portland has a neon "White Stag" from that era. We keep it as a "Local treasure" and put a red nose on for Christmas season. Isn't life fun?!
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Caper boots, anyone?
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Well, I usually spend July and August going thru the usual 2/3 stores looking for leftover of the past season.
Had not much of luck since two years ago, when
I bought my P40.
This year I was looking for boots and found a
two pieces (jacket and pants) from ASICS instead (at less than hlf of the listed price, which was still quite a sum, but at least it should last for the next 10 yrs).
But yes, I agree, those are no more end of a season sales as we were used to see. The normal prices are ridicously high, and when the price is discounted I still feel I'm paying full price, when I compare to 6/7 years ago.
Retails keep a tiny amount of items in store, when that's finished, they stop and will order only for next season...

edited: it seems I can't spell...

[ August 30, 2002, 03:01 AM: Message edited by: M@tteo ]
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I had Henkes. They were a combination of plastic and leather. Silver and blue if I remember correctly
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Paul S,

See my retraction regarding Koflach becoming Head on page 1 of this thread. Especially embarrassing is that I corrected another member on this very point last season. [img]redface.gif[/img]
I believe that Kastinger simply disappeared into the dustbin of ski equipment history in the mid-
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I beleive Kastinger is out of business as far as ski boots are concerned.
Albeit I've found an address
Hans Huemer Gesellschaft m.b.H. Linzer Stra├če 30
4650 Lambach
Tel. 07245/28181, 28182
Fax. 07245/28181/22

No web site is listed.
But I've found this:

Where it is listed as producing leather boots, slippers etc.

[ August 30, 2002, 02:58 AM: Message edited by: M@tteo ]
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Caber boots were bought out by Rossignol when they dicided to offer a boot. Remember the "Bio-fit"? "Rock and roll Cabers" we used to call them. They skied pretty well.
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Originally posted by SLATZ:
...Remember the "Bio-fit"? "Rock and roll Cabers" we used to call them. They skied pretty well.
Man, how could I forget them! Mine were a hideous fluorescent lime green color (maybe just the cuff).

FWIW, I also still have several pair of skis with Moog bindings on them out in the shed. The Moogs were not the most convenient bindings to use, and that together with Moogs poor marketing doomed them, but they were decades ahead of their time in elasticity, multiple release directions, light weight, imperviousness to ice, simplicity of design, etc. I would love to see a modern version re-introduced that used the same basic design principle (the three point kinematic mount).

Tom / PM
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Originally posted by Phil Pugliese: is one that'll bring sone groans... Fritzmeyer skis.. they had adjustable weights to change the "feel" of the ski. It was a 170, that you could make feel like a 180 or 190. Nothing like more swing weight to make a ski feel longer.
Don't laugh. I was just flipping through either Ski or Skiing at the store (I don't subscribe to either, so I can't give the exact reference, but it was the edition that came out a couple of weeks ago).

In it was an article about a new type of "safe" skis that were being considered. These are short skis with no tail, but the designers have attempted to recreate the stability of a longer ski by using intentionally added weight - groan.

Lets see ... first we'll reduce the weight by using zirconium alloy carbon nanotubes in beta-gamma lobes, but then make the tip out of a mass of depleted uranium to restore that old-timey long ski feeling. Hey, don't all raise your hands at once.

Tom / PM
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Caber boots, Yes, and Cober bindings?
Did any of you ever saw one?
Or were known in Italy only?
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Side benefit of adding Uranium is they gloew in the dark for better night skiing.
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My first new pair of skis and boots:

Anyone remember ROYSKI? I think they were European, maybe.
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Mt. Grampion???????? wow havent heard that name in a looooooong time
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rieker boots
buffalo hyde pants
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Hey Fastskiis how about silverbell ski area?
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Has anyone mentioned Graves skis?
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Stenmark skied in Caber boots. He used the same shell design for years.
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