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Whatever happened to:

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The Nava system
Cubco bindings
Besser bindings
RD skis
Kastle skis
Spademan bindings
Burt bindings
Mt. Grampian
Kastinger boots
The Ski skis

I won't think too long on this so you can add your own, but remember, these can reveal your age!
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Woohoo! Ski season MUST be close - here's the good old topic that appears at the start of every season as people start thinking about equipment and get nostalgic (sniff, sniff)

Actually, with the search engine broken, its not your fault that you didn't see the many hilarious messages we have exchanged on this very subject in previous seasons. I'll try to find the threads and post a link or bump them to the top.

Tom / PM

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How could you forget Scott boots.
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...and Hanson?

May they both rest in pieces!
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i'm still trying to find some history (like the year) on some kastle stein eriksen (autograph) skis i found in a thrift store a couple years ago. white w/geze bindings, in about a 210.
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Northland skis

Long thongs

Bear traps

White Stag


Boot vices
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Long thongs
I think ones that fit properly look better.

To keep on track, what about "the ski"?
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ballet skiing
Pre skis
Hexcel skis
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I saw a guy skiing the NAVA system last winter
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Bob B, I still have a pair of Hanson boots. [img]redface.gif[/img]
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I was one of the first in my group of skiers in wisc. to have brakes on my look N57s mounted on my hart billy kidds, I really liked my scott boots until they broke.
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Kestle is now Nordica.
Geze bindings are now Rossi, I think.
Koflach is Head,
and the rest are just dead(I think).

RIP also to Authier, Hagan, Hart, Igneous, Lange skis, Lacroix, Lovett, Molnar, Spalding, Toni Sailer, S Ski, Sarner, Swallow, Voit, and Yamaha.
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I wasn't aware of Igneous' demise! Anyone remember the test run of the K2 boot? I've got a pair in my closet! They make great flower pots.

Also have a pair of "the ski" at the ranch (yello and blue).

What about multi-colored collage-style bases? (K2 extreme, Atomic ATS) Those were so rad!

Spag :
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Garmont boots

Those gel shin pads for lange std/pro/comp shin bite
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Garmont are still in the AT market - ask JW or JS
Koflach is now Atomic boots
San Marco became Head Boots
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doug w,
Oops, You're right about Koflach and San Marco. [img]redface.gif[/img] The Head racing boot still resembles its San Marco predecesor.
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Hexcel skis ... honeycomb, honeycomb, honeycomb! And how 'bout them Truckers from Aspen? I have a pair of each, mounted with army style Ramer touring bindings, don't ask me why.
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What about:

straight skis

Does anyone remember them?
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How about:

Geze bindings
Killy boots
Authier skis
Dalbello boots
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Woolly mammoths.
Sabre-toothed tigers.
I bet there was more skiing available during the last ice age.
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Don't be stupid - there never was an "ice age", sure didn't you know that Mother Nature takes care of the planet, and it doesn't matter what happens, the temperature and conditions will always remain the same
Ice age - smice age, I say. Your one of those raving lunatic environmentalist people aren't you?

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The Head XR-1 slalom ski made by Dura-Fiber, a fabulous ice ski. And what about the Spalding Sideral and Formidable?
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Originally posted by skier_j:
Garmont boots

Those gel shin pads for lange std/pro/comp shin bite
Garmont is still making boots, they make telemark skiing boots. Half the binding, twice the fun.
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I still ski on a pair of Research Dynamic (RD) skis.
They are the Helidog IIIs and they are BEEFY sticks. One ski weighs as much as a pair of similar sized AK launchers. I got them for $135 at a ski swap, mint condition.

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Originally posted by SkiKing:
ballet skiing
Pre skis
Hexcel skis
Still have my PRE Soft Slalom skis.They are now my rock skis but I still love'm
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat ?:
What about:

straight skis

Does anyone remember them?
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Just plain Vanilla, Chocolate or strawberry icecream
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I have a 220 cm pair of Spaulding Formidables collocting bird poop in my barn.
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Old stuff seen within the last season actually being skied at Loveland:

Hexcell Hexcellerators.
Olin Mark 4's.
Rossi ST Comps.
Scott Boots (Black & white Mickey Mouse style).
Runaway straps.
Salomon 444 bindings with the little rubber T handles on the heel piece levers.
Rossi Strato's - the old brown ones, Strato 102?Hansen boots (red - more recent than the yellow).
Head 360's.

Remember Yamaha Skis? A couple of years ago I had someone show up for a beginner lesson with purple 210cm Yamahas mounted with what I think were called Clicker bindings. Fortunately his boots didn't mate up with the bindings and he had to go to the rental shop.

There must be a lot of locals with garage sale stuff out there who never show up at the big time resorts.

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Graves skis?

Dalbello boots are still around.

I saw most of the equipment and some of the clothing mentioned here at the New England Ski Museum at Cannon Mt, Franconia, NH. They also have two suits and some race bibs from local hero Bode Miller.

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