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Thread Starter not those boomers - i'm talking about baby boomers.

industry analyst say that there are about 5 more good years left for the boomers to drive industry revenue and then there will be a trough - story here

it also says that the next generation to keep an eye on for revenue growth are the millenia generation in their early 20s
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From the little I know and witness, I can this being true with regards to the gap in revenue. My generation, genX, from what I see is pretty much absent from the whole snow sport scene. I do see many younger and many older people skiing and boarding however. My friends for example, all used to be avid skiers, no more, I cant pay them to go skiing (Ive tried). Fear of injury, no time, too far, too cold, I've heard it all. Generally married people my age have kids, but are too young to start skiing, so as a result no one goes.
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Thanks for sharing the article.
For discussion purposes:
Millennials/GenY/Echo Boomers born ~'84-94
GenX born ~'64-81
Baby Boomers born ~'46-64
New Silent Generation born ~2000+
My wife and I brought four GenY's into this world and we're doing our part, all of them ski.
Lament about paucity of GenX's on the hill - not only is this supposedly a smaller generation, but I think this is predictable when age group falls between late 20s to early 40s and gets preoccupied raising one or more youngsters under age 7 or so.
From what I can read in the enthusiastic posts of the older demographic on Epicski and other sites of this ilk I think the Boomers are going to outperform/outlast that forecast of only 3-5 more good revenue producing years for the ski industry. Additionally, soon the Boomers will help finance the entry of their new silent generation grandchildren into skiing activities.
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I think so too James, I think that historically people of the age we call the Baby Boomers were considered old when they were kids, not anymore. People who are into physical activities nowadays are more fit, look, feel and act younger. My dad is my grandmother's age when her lost her. I look at the pictures of my grandma, and she looked like a grandma. My dad still looks like a young buck in comparison, and he doesnt even practice any sports or work out, imagine if he did.
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If I'm typical, it is really the age of the children that matters (I'm a boomer - 50 this year.).

When my son was very young, little skiing for anyone - zero dollar contribution. After he got the be "child aged" we went on local day trips -- low dollar contribution.

Once he got to be eight or nine, we did real ski :vacations within driving distance -- moderate dollar contribution. In middle school through high school, we did Western trips of greater and greater extravegance culminating in last years multi-family ski-in-ski-out $$$ fiasco. (Great skiing, though).

This year, my son (15 years old) and I are going to Colorado by ourselves and planning to stay in cheapo in-town motels.: So my $ contribution is winding down already.

And in a couple of years -- college tuition! :::
Zero monetary contribution to the ski industry again.

Of course, he will probably be somewhere where he can get a cheap student pass (low monetary contribution), so it is just me that doesn't get to ski.:
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Fun : article on Social Security and the impact the wave of retiring boomers will have on it:
Fun excerpt: The imbalance between workers and beneficiaries didn't happen overnight. In 1945, a decade after Social Security was created, there were 42 workers paying into the system for each retiree. Today, there are three. By 2030, Riedl says, "Every couple will have their own retiree to support."
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Originally Posted by Jamesj View Post
.... By 2030, Riedl says, "Every couple will have their own retiree to support."
All y'all youngens' out there better get real busy having babies, us boomers are sick and tired of supporting all of you! If you start now they'll be at workin age by 2030. We need to be taken care of by y'all in our retirement age!!!!
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I am late genX, born 1980. I ski a lot, but admittedly have no kids yet. I have taught quite a few young relatives and friends to ski. So I am trying to do my part.... A bright side? Maybe this "trough" will bring down ticket prices!....

As far as social security is concerned, stop taking my SS taxes, and my retirement account could be a lot bigger. The solution, which will most likely eventually happen, no matter how politically uncomfortable -- people with assets over $X simply won't get a benefit. No matter what the govt. has "promised" you all those years you paid in. Which is fine, considering it was never meant to be a retirement plan and should only function as a safety net for those who, God bless them, simply can't take care of them selves.

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