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All mountain ski buying help needed.

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Before our American friends get online today, I'll throw in my thoughts:
If you can, try the K2 Axis X or Axis X Pro, probably in a 188.
They also take standard bindings, so you can plate them up! (I see this is an issue in your other thread)

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Thank you S for your opinion. I think I must investigate the K2's a little closer. Somebone mentioned in an other thread that they are supposed to be much more durable than for example the Rossignols. This is a major issue since my equipment take a lot of beating. BTW, the Crossmax 10's surface is quickly ruined.

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Volkl G3, that way you get a great ski, without Marker bindings. Stick a pair of Look or Rossi bindings on them and you will have great all mountain ski.
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Out of the choices you posted above i would go with the Rossignol Bandit X this years ski's. But if other choices are available like K2 Axis X or Pro version that would also be a great choice. You definatly want around a 70mm waste ski (midfat) for all mountain use. Atomic makes the Beta Ride 10.20 and 11.20 other good ski's. If you cant demo any i think you would like either the K2 Axis X (180lbs and lighter) or the Pro version(above 180lbs), or the Rsossignol Bandit X.
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There seems to be a lot of good comment for the K2 Axis Pro. I haven't skied it. In fact after being a major K2 fan in late 80's/early 90's (remember the VO Slalom, KVC and TNC, CV Comp, GS Race...great skis) I went off them as they tended to break very easily.

So what is the Axis Pro like compared to other all mountains like Scream 10 Pilot, Rossi Bandits etc? :
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I would recommend the Bandit X. I have a couple friends that instruct & love it because it is extremely versital yet a very technically sound ski that is easy to carve.
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I'm on Axis X Pros (181). I was skiing mine with guys on Pilot 10s.
Comparison: I was faster on piste and better in powder. They had the advantage over me in the bumps. These guys were of similar ability to me.

Towards the end of the week, I was keeping up with Martin on his Pilot 10s in the bumps, and had left the others behind. He did beat me on-piste, but then he is an ex Olympic racer!

There are some photos in the DMS&S mag this month of our little trip.

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WOW! Fox is that the Whistler trip in December? Lucky Bastard. I'd have loved to have gone on that but didn't find out 'till it was too late.
Are you in the photo, and did you win any awards (womaniser of the week...)?
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All mountain ski buying help needed.

Im new here, HI you all!

On my spare time Im teaching kids downhill skiing at a local hill and every once in a while I go to the alps or someplace else for some serious all mountain skiing. My skis have to be able to cover a wide range of terrains but Im a good skier and most skis I step onto seems to do it all for me.

Here are my options:

Salomon Crossmax 10
Salomon Scream 10
Volkl Motion Carver
Rossignol Bandit X or XX
Olin Radius T

At the moment I use Olin skis and have had an endorsment deal but Im not so shure I want to continue on that. I still have to pay for my skis but nothing over half price will do. Olin seems to be completely out fashioned on the net. Why?

This weekend I had skied on the Crossmax 10's and they seemed nice. Im 190 tall and the ski length was 186. Very neutral and damp skis that did not do anything by themselves. The conditions were hard and icy and they handeled that very well. They carved and skid well and plowed perfectly. Best kids teaching skies sofar. But how would they compare to the rest of the options listed abowe?

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Yep, did it last year as well. The year before we all went to Breck. It's worth going on, but put your name down for it now. I did win an award, but that was because I kept referring to Dave Watts as a freeloader (which he is) and he didn't like that!

I'm not in the photo, but... The guy in the back row with the Bishop's mitre on is one of my mates from over here. And the big wipeout photo is of my friend Andy.
Here are my photos of the trip...
Whistler Photos
Take my advice: Contact Nick Laver at ski independence - get him to put you on the list for next year. We are talking about Vail. I'll let you know where & when as soon as I know. I keep in touch with the guys from the magazine through the year, so I normally find out in June/July.

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I have a pair of Scream 10 Pilots in 180. Nice smooth ski and strong underfoot. I also recomend the Atomic 11.20. Have not skied the K2 Mod X Pro. I reckon you have pretty much of a muchness with these three skis. They do require a strong skier to get the best out of them though.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I bought axis x in 181 (5'11-180lbs) and just got back from utah. We had every condition except spring slush and these skis took it all on brilliantly. I can't say enough about how good these skis are. most of the new skis that I saw were the axis x and the atomics(orange).
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Man from Oz and Wear the Fox: What are your vitals? height/weight/ability? Just so I can get a measure on the Axis Pro. Thanks. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Height: 182cm (just under 6ft)
Weight: 78kg (about 170lb)
Ability: 7 (or 8 if I want to make me sound a bit better)
When I reckon I'll be good enough to appreciate the Axis X Pro to the full: after a further 6-8 weeks skiing.
Bindings: S810 PowerAxe Plus set to 7
Boots: Salomon Evo2 8
Feet: yes, two.
Eyes: blue/green
Hair: little left, but it was fair
IQ: 155
Ratio of money to sense: very high (more money than sense)
No. of days left in current job: 17
Relationship status: Currently single, although one PM could change that.

Anything else you want to know?

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IQ: 155

I think you forgot the decimal point before that last 5
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OK, Gonzo, if you want to play with the big boys...

Here's yesterday's word of the day:

gonzo (GON-zo) adjective

Having a bizarre, subjective, idiosyncratic style, especially in journalism.

Perhaps from Italian gonzo (simpleton) or Spanish ganso (dull or fool, literally a goose)."

So, my little blue friend, are you an Italian simpleton, or a Spanish fool?

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Getting the Bandit XX this weekend for a test drive. I have a pair of Olin Radius Pro lying on my floor at the moment and those will be skied as well. Tell you more on monday.

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