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Tyrolia Freeflex 15

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Man that bindings is almost too pretty to mount on a pair of skis . the all chrome look does get ones attention though .
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Ooh, hadn't even noticed that given that Head is now issuing Head branded Tyrolias (ie still the FF14). That is a nice looking binding, but more importantly they've put the Aero toe back on a slightly lower DIN binding for us lightweights. Next time I need a binding these look like my choice I think.


BTW Bob if you happen to be reading this, have you heard any info on what the plan for Tyrolia is? Now that they're slapping the Head brand on the bindings, and Fischer also rebrands them, why are they even continuing with a distinct Tyrolia brand producing bindings, since they don't seem to be paired with anyone else, and the separate binding sales could (and seem to be, given a quick look at retailers sites) be delegated to the Head brand?
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