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The tongues of old garish neon Rachlie Flexon ski boots which I modified to fit my Scarpa Lasers. Never liked the Flexons and instead kept using older Lange's. Also have kept a pair of 74mm waist aluminum honeycomb Hexcel Sundance powder skis with Look rotating heel bindings. Probably never use em again. But just broke the Saloman 800S bindings on one of my Chubbs so may transfer the old Look binding if possible. Other older skis etc have all been given away or heaved in dumpsters.
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Northland DeLuxe FIS hickory carved wood skis with cable bindings and screwed-in tempered steel edges and a varnished base.
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Moog bindings

Originally Posted by skimo View Post
I've got a pair of K2 Twos from the early 1970s with Moog bindings that are in perfect condition. This past weekend I skied on them using a pair of late 1960s Rosemount boots (the cuff on these Rosemounts are made out of some sort of nylon-type fabric, not Corfam, as used on the later Rosemounts). Growing up in the late 1960s, early 1970s in Wisconsin, I always wanted a pair of Rosemounts, but never got the chance. Always like the design and style. At any rate, it sure was fun skiing on them, the K2s and the Moogs.
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Kneissel Diplomat W wooden skis with cable bindings - about 1960 or late 50s, I think. Not sure how to check.
Plus sticks and leather boots with inner and outer lacing from same date.
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I began telemarking in 2000-2001, so my old stuff is really not that old.

99' Scarpa T3's and a pair of Rossignol Olympic 41 with Rainey SuperLoops.
I still use the O41w/SL quite often.
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Got a pr of old Heads from the early 90's and a pr of Rossi's from the first generation of shaped skis .

H'mm i'm thinking "ADIRONDACK" chair made from these puppies
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My mom gave me her old Head's with "#6" stamped on them. She got them from Howard in Sun Valley in the 50's. Still have Alsop long thongs on them.
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I was digging around in my garage a few weeks ago and came across the neon yellow w/ neon orange buckle Dachstein Racing boots that I begged for at some point in my childhood - Probably around 1986 or so. I remember seeing the Atomic ACS's that I also got that xmas in my dad's attic when I was getting some stuff last spring.

Both things brought back great memories of skiing with my family when I was younger.
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I have a few pairs of vintage skis, but the oldest stuff I use are a pair of Scott ski poles with Hexcel graphics and those old molded/strapless grips. I hate pole straps.
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I rescued the Jet Sticks from my mom's basement when she moved two years ago. I also have my original skis purchased at a hardware store in the small town I grew up in in NW Pa. They are probably 42 years old now. I thought someday I would mount them above the fire place. I still have a pair of Salomon 2S & 1S skis I just can't throw away. I loved those skis back in the day and the thought of leaving them out with the trash is difficult.

The post with the Head skis stamped #6 is really cool. If I had enough "mad money" I'd offer you a ridiculous amount of money for those.
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(H?)ofbauer-Ski - Prime, Murnau. I can read ofbauer on one of them. Wooden with raised center ridge, screwed in edges. Front throw cable and toe irons. Only a few inches of leather remain of the toe strap. I also have kids skis that say Dartmou.. (the rest is under rust). Raised center ridge, no metal edges, leather toe binding, rubber cable (rotted and broken).

Oldest I might use again, Kazama Telecomp III (straight racing ski), Merril Super Ultra, leather with plastic inside, laces with two buckles.
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I've got some 1992 Volkl Explosiv planks for pow with the neon colored graphics.
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Originally Posted by jgb View Post
I was digging around in my garage a few weeks ago and came across the neon yellow w/ neon orange buckle Dachstein Racing boots that I begged for at some point in my childhood.
Wow. I came across a photo of me skiing in these boots. From the background, it looks like it might have been @ Magic Mts. Looks like I was about 10-11 years old

Dig the pink powder gators and Hefty brand rain coat!

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When I was younger I didn't save ski stuff....but I couldn't part with my last pair of racing skis from college: Kästle GS skis in 210, don't know the exact model nomenclature offhand, but they have a raised kevlar(?) patch on the tails. Those suckers were fast and could carve such that they would make a glaicer cry. The bindings on them are some neon LOOK bindings, which, you know, structurally, don't look that different really from the current versions.

I also have the first Goode composite poles.
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I've saved some Rosemont boots a pair of 175 Graves Hot Dog skis and a pair of 210cm Graves Ski Patrol skis. I think I also save a pair of Dynamic VR70 GS skis, 1" think under the boot, aluminum sidewalls, stiff as a board! Pretty sure I stashed a pair of old Head standards too.
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Franklin Pinto's bought from National Auto in NH.
Leather boots bought from Big N.

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Fisher Glass GT skis from 1970 w/ Metal Look Nevada turntable
bindings. (3rd or 4th oldest fiberglass ski ever made)

Older wood skiis with metal edges and Salomon 404 bindings which I
won't count since they were sawed in half to make shorties but did
not work.

Think I threw out the Marker Simplex toepieces older than that -ones
where you had to file notches on the boot toe.

Still have the Lipe Release Check from that era. Won't work with most
newer skiis since they are too thick.
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Guest1- you had better hang on to those Head's! If you described them correctly, and if they are in decent condition, those skis might be worth an awful lot of money! If they are, in fact, serial #6.... wow... it could be worth even more! Do you have pics?
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Well, they aren't in my closet... I have them proudly displayed on the wall...

A pair of hand carved Northland Hickory's, with the decals still intact, no edges, metal sideslide toe bindings and leather straps. I did pay a saddle maker $150 to duplicate the original bindings (they were rotting), using the original hardware.

The nearest I have them dated to is between 1910- 1915. And they are in near museum condition.

I got them about 20 years ago, from the wall of a ski lodge which was going to be torn down. They had been on the wall for over 30 years. They were antiques when they were put up on the wall.

(At one point, I was offered $600 for them.... NO DEAL!)
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In my closet you will fing a pair of 1970 Heschung ski boots (great boots)

A pair of first generation K2 Comp (200cm)
A pair of second generation K2 Comp (the red, white and blue base) with Look Nevada Grand Prix bindings (200 cm)
A pair of Dynastar S730 with Salomon 555 bindings (195 cm)
A pair of Rossignol S2 skis from the late '70s to early to early '80s (190 cm)

Looking to using them in vintage ski races
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old stuff...

1. Hold on to the Head skis! They may be worth something. Years ago, the original Woody's Cracker barrel ski shop in South Londonderry, VT had a pair of pre-production heads...uncoated aluminum. Unfortunately, the original store burned down one cold winter night and the skis were lost.

2. The oldest gear I still have in useable condition are a pair of late 1960s Scott gold ski poles. The leather straps and ring-style baskets have long since disintegrated and have been replaced with modern plastic, but the poles are in great shape and still useable. I used them regularly until last year.

3. The oldest currently unused gear I have is a pair of edgeless mountaineering skis with adjustable bear trap bindings and cable throws. They were the first pair of XC type skis I had, and I used them to fool around with trying to telemark back in the late 60's. I outgrew the boots, which was too bad, since I never knew how to replace them. They were square toed Scarpa leathers, basically soft insulated hiking boots.

4. My current XC skis are mid-70s vintage wooden Asolos (sp?).

I do ski on modern gear these days, though, even if it is telemark stuff!
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My 1990 Fischer RC4 Vacuum SLE - love that neon green base they looked great with my neon pink ITB stretch pants...
My husbands 1991 RD Bad Dogs
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Guest1, great treasure you have there. I have an old pair of Head 223cm with phenolic bottoms (pre Ptex) I was told by someone that they were referred to as "bowling ball bottoms" since the same material was used to make bowling balls. They have Marker toe pieces with long thongs. Unfortunately they are in pretty sad condition. I'm guessing they are mid to late 50's. I used to have some Rosemonts. What fun it was changing the fit with those little sandbags. My best oldies are the mid 70's Century's (honeycomb core like Hexcel but foam filled) that have a rental Allsop pivot binding. They were skiied on either once or twice for a total of maybe 6 runs, I can't remember for sure. It was one of only two rental bindings that were released that year, and they were shipped by accident.

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Oh-oh, this morning my wife and I decided that it was time to m-o-v-e.....:
........and then there are the closets, upstairs empty bedroom, garage

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oops , sorry for the double pic post.
I'm sort of new at this!
I meant this one to be #3.........

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Nice collection Hickorystix ! Love those Head Killy in picture #3
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Great collection, Hickorystix!!!

But what are those crutches doing in pic #3? lol

OOOOhh!!! I see something interesting in the back, far right of pic #3, way over by the Authier's..... Bring those up front with a pic!!! Especially the one's behind the K2 244's...
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Greatest quiver picture ever award has to go to Hickorystix! I can't hold a candle to what you've accumulated. Well, maybe its the fact I put it out on the curb after its 10 years old. Having said that I have two air of Salomon PR 8 1S and 2S skis on a shelf in the garage I just can't throw away. I loved the pictures and the flashbacks they brought.
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The old stuff in my garage is also my quiver.

1970 208 cm Head 720 w/Salomon 502
1972 205 cm Kneissl Red Star w/Salomon 505
1974 160 cm Hart Ballet w/Salomon 505
1979 204 cm K2 Comp 710 w/Salomon 727
1978 170 cm Dynastar MPI TR w/Salomon 444 (The wife's sticks, she doesn't ski any more)
197? 150 cm K2 Shorts (Rentals; something one of my kids got at a garage sale; she never used them)
198? 160 cm Volkl Tiger w/Salomon 626 (from the same garage sale; she never used these, either)
1972 Barrecrafters ski rack--fits 6 pair of narrow, straight skis; won't fit any car made today
"Frankenboots" 198? Caber shells w/ 1974 Nordica liners.
I only ever owned three other pairs, but they all went somewhere else early on.

The K2 710's and Dynastars have less than 20 days each on them. They're barely broken in.

I was out of action for about 18 years between 1984 and 2002 except for a single trip around '92. The Nordicas exploded on that trip. For some reason I saved the liners and later ended up with my brother-in-law's abandoned Cabers. A size too big, but I stuck my old liners in them and they work sort of ok. I'm learning to be a boot fitter the hard way. I won't be opening up shop any time soon.

The rack won't fit any car made today, so I ski on the old Harts now, because they fit in the trunk. I might reposition the bindings on the Dynastars and use them for my "all mountain" skis. Then again I might just chuck the lot of them and get new stuff.

Hickorystix has more boards on his wall than there are in the picket fence thread!! Did you actually ski on all those?
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Yeah, the Cabers will probably crack too. You should get some telemark boots/bindings and some skis with more sidecut. Skiing has changed, it's a lot of fun, you'll like it. Arcing freeheel, stepping into the future.
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