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But I bet he didn't have any problem with excessive tip lead.

Tom / PM

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If the "Jet Stick's" are still in the closet---they count!

Had some in the early 70's no idea where they went.

Same with these gel filled sock like things I had once to eliminate the early Lange boot shin bite! I have no idea where they went either.

Who are we kidding? That was not bite! I still ahve scars on my shins 30 years later!
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Good one PhysicsMan
HH would approve
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A pair of Pre 1200's Circa 1983 that I still skied on until last season
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A pair of 205cm Candycane striped Fischer RC4 RS giant slalom skis. Threw away all my old stuff but couldn't bear to part with those Fischers.
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I still have my 250cm Splitkein jumping skis from 1969. Visited the Park City jumping complex this summer and was very tempted to sign up for a jump or two, but did not...
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[img]redface.gif[/img] skeletons [img]redface.gif[/img]
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Seriously, I have those Sugar Snack Nordica boots, the white ones from Star Wars. I still use them. They are comfy and warm.

My skis are now 9 years old, at least. I'm guessing cause I paid $50 for them at a ski swap. They were new (with bindings). They could be 19 years old for all I know.

Also in my closet--a flamingo pink pair of bibs. One red lacy thong. Purple fringe belt from the sixties. Possibly Jimmy Hoffa. I'll clean it out some rainy day.....not. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Just came back from my brother's house. He's also got my Dad's old Olin III's mounted in his garage.
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Pre 1200 SP's from 81. Past that, 5 pair of Dynastar X8's...time to make a chair or something.
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Northland wood skis with those "upscale" Miller Jr. bindings

Next are the red Hart Hornets

and then on to the Head Jrs. with Look Nevada Jr. bindings that were originally on the Hornets

and then on to the Hart Freestyles bought in 1976-and on and on and on ending with my 10.20's
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Originally posted by Sugar_Snack:
Fischer 155 with Look Bindings (safety straps!!) - circa 1975. The binding was set up with a plate that released (stayed with the boot) so when you kicked out of them the spring that held you in came off the ski.

Edit: they were red, white and blue.
I'm real late coming in on this, but those sound very similar to my first pair of skis, bought around the same time, probably a couple years later. They were Fischer and 140 cm. I think they were sort of cream color with blue and red graphics. I think the bindings were Solomons, and they had the safety strap. I remember the only other kids skis the store had (MC Sports in Kalamazoo, MI) were purple K2s! I sold them (or my folks did, anyway) prolly around 1982.

I didn't ski at all between about 1982 and 1996 (age 12-26)
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saw apair of Trappieur boots today at a garage sale
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Originally posted by skimo:
saw apair of Trappieur boots today at a garage sale
Where they leather, around a size 9, lined with fake fur & prone to giving off a deadly odor when wet? If so, those were my old boots from junior high.
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Actually- they are on the wall of my living room- where I enjoy looking at them. A pair of Northland's, hand carved, with the original decals, circa 1910-1915! With leather and metal bindings which were rotting away, so I had a local saddlery duplicate the bindings using all of the original hardware. They were only skied once or twice, judging by their condition.

As far as usable equipment- one pair (of 4 purchased) of Kastle 223cm downhills I bought from Sepp Walcher and Werner Grissman (Austrian team) at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. With hand carved holes in the tips, and non-diagonal race stock Tyrolia 350 bindings. Haven't had them out since running DH back in the mid- 80's!
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Purely self inspired, never had such a long thread!

Lets see if we can break 80!
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Just wondering...my dad and my older brother both have a pair of a 1980s Rossi's. Many people hail it as one of the greatest skis ever. They were predominantly green with a little white and red lettering. I think it was a GS ski, but not too sure. Came in 205 cm.

Anyone know what it was called?
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Originally Posted by dady8tor
A pair of Pre 1200's Circa 1983 that I still skied on until last season
A thread a while back was asking for a description or picture of the PRE graphic.
My oldest: 1975 Kastle CPM Grand Prix 205 cm with Nevada Grand Prix bindings. A truely great GS experience. Like turning an aircraft carrier.
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The Thread That Never Dies.......

We are getting ready to carpet a room and there is a closet in it that was used to Store things. All of that is now in the hallway. What do I see? Bright neon Green and Violet Flexon boots!: Make them go away!!!
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On the wall of the garage I have a pair of Arlberg Akastle Homenem skis with metal edges, 200+, probably womens skis. Bindings are Marker Automatics with leather straps. I am guessing around late 40's possibly early fifties. Any info would be appreciated
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used to have some old wood skis of me mum's, cable bindings, responsible for her tibial fracture on my 13th birthday.

now the oldest is a pair of 1980 Lange XL1000 Soft boots, Size 9US
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Got some old Heads from the 60s back home with cable binders and a short history of leg injuries and some Alpina boots. In my own closet, just Nordica B-9 boots from Nordica's Benneton period. Hurt like hell.
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Ski regularly in a dark blue "ski" sweater with a maybe 1/4" wide stripe down each sleeve that's red and white. Given to me as a handmedown from a brother in law about 1978, my guess is it goes to early 70s...

Bought Rossi Bravo IIs 170 cm, nordica boots, solomon bindings, off some rich kid in boarding school for $80 april 1980. Threw them in a dumpster in Dec 1990 'cause I'd graduated to 195s and would never ski such short crap again....boy do I rember Olin IV and the blue K2s...and rentals with gullwing bindings...great thread! :-)
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My original Scott strapless ski pole grips from about 1980. I have been moving them to new poles for the past 25 years and they're still going strong. I'll never give up my strapless grips.
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Originally Posted by Bonni
The Thread That Never Dies.......
Gear that was new at the start of this thread, is now the oldest .
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no longer skiable but proudly in the rack-
Head "Standards" (well before the 360's) with Cubco (SP?) bindings- who remembers screwing the plates onto your boots?

not terribly useful, but still good to have: a rope tow gripper- a metal clam shell type device used to grip the rope- flip it off when you get to the top and shove it back into the belt holster- never remeber it when I have to go over to Cochrans

still using happily- wooden Bonna cross country track skis- circa 1968- badly in need of pine tar but just great or mucking about in the woods-
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the very skis i learned to ski on, then bought, Rossi Qautems 959's
I learned to ski in 1988, but the skis i think, came out in 1986. Correct me if i'm wrong
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Mine would have to be the 25 year-old, Gerry, down bright orange ski jacket that belonged to my dad. I'm using it now (got the "retro" look for free!). It still looks new!

Ant the red, white, and blue knit hat, dad's also! Cool stuff!
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I have a pair of 210 cm Kneissel Reisenslaloms, wood, red topsheet with the lime green kofix base. Mounted with Marker turntables and Look Nevada toepiece. Pretty hot setup for the day. Also 205 cm Kastle Fiberplast RS which I never used. Just threw out a pair of Molitor leather/plastic laminate pro boots from the mid '70s with the cable-tension buckling system. In my barn the leather had about a half inch of fuzzy mold otherwise I would have saved them as relics.
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grey kastle cs, 160,alpina rear entry boots that i learned on,
kastle fw1 180 -lange spx rear entry,
my favorite old skis, olin dtsl, 188, nordica boots

newer ones-volant super carve, 163 lange zero x7
solomon crossmax 8 170
my present ski- head monster im 75 163

back down to the size i learned on!!!!
been skiing about 18 years
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