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No, Ididn't ski on many of those shown in the pics, but I do remember nearly all of them when they had their day in the Sun.......!
There are almost 200 pairs pictured , most gathedered here there and everywhere.
Some of the real classics ie:
VR17's, early Strato's, Head Vectors etc.
One of my favaorites though, are a pair of Hart Metals in a brilliant turquoise.
They would have matched the dinner plates that my Mom got with "stamps" at the grocery store.
I should go through all those skis and group them up into some photos.
Sadly, we will be moving soon and they will need to find another soul to care for them...........
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Keep the skis, you never know when you might need 'em. However, I can build you a better Christmas tree stand.
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Forget the closet. I saw some Head Standards on the hill last Sunday (these had updated bindings) and some Yamaha skis a week before that (not sure of the bindings on these as it was night. Both of these on small hills close to Minneapolis.
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Still have every pair of skis I've ever owned except a pair of PRE's I never much cared for anyway. They kinda got left with an old girlfriend. The first pair were old (and too big) when I skied them. I've never heard of them anywhere else - they're called Avanti's (not sure if thats the brand or model) with Salomon cable "bear trap" bindings we used to call them. They boast "plastic base 18 piece laminated". Early 60's - late 50's??? Recently bought on ebay a pair of virtually brand new vintage "Hochland" leather boots (still have stickers on the soles), the kind with inner and outer laces - and they fit perfectly! What a trip back through time lacing those things up was! Problem is they don't fit the bindings - I'm sure they're the right type just not enough cable to lock the tensioner down. Yes I'm actually thinking about going for a nostalgic ride on 'em someday! My next pair that were actually bought for me from a sporting goods/barber shop were red, white, and blue Krystal Alpines with Salomon 101 bindings. I remember having a pair of Le trappuer boots for those.

Aside from these I've picked up an old pair of Northlands with cable and leather bindings and few old wooden waterskis including a pair of (supposedly never used) Hydroflite jump skis. Some of those old waterskis with all the different woods laminated are works of art!

Hickorystix should start a museum.
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In one of the first floor closets I found a pair of Krystals.
Are these similar to the ones that you had?
The original price on the tag reads $39.50.
79-66-71 = R ??? @182cm

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^^^^^ My calculations for the sidecut radius on these comes out to about 75m.
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If poles count I have a pair of Scott Golds that I bought when I was in HS 42 years ago. They are not in my closet as I use them still. They are alittle beat up and I have newer poles but as long as they still work I'm going to keep using them. The older ya get the more you appreciate old things....:lol:
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: OMG 'stix ! ! !

They are absolutely IDENTICAL ! ! ! Except the length - mine are all of 135cm - I was only about 9 yo. If I didn't still have them I would be BEGGING you to sell me those! I got a kick out of the price too! I recall sporting some yellow "smiley" stickers on them (very much like the "emoticons" we are using now), that were popular then - seems like they had something to do with the olympics going on in Japan that year????
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I have a small but eclectic collection of unusable (or semi-usable) skis. Unfortunately, my parents weren't hesitant at cleaning time about dumping stuff for a few dollars (or, at least, a few more inches of garage storage space), or I'd have more. Some of these were rescued when my parents moved some years back.

Shiny black early- to mid-60s Head Downhills with non-releasing Marker turntable / long-thong heels (I'm not even sure where these came from ... they were probably going to be remounted by one of my sisters but never got there). This is all that's left of a tiny fleet of five or six pairs of similar Head downhill skis: the model of choice in the '70s for junior racers with cheapskate parents (er, I mean, rationally thrifty ... a concept that no longer seems to be in evidence among racer parents, I don't think).

K2 XR10s -- shiny red junior racing skis from the days when K2 offered exactly three models -- in 160 cms. Absurdly remounted by some relative with Spademan bindings for no reason I can fathom. I want to remount them with a big huge plate and call them slalom skis.

Two different iterations of early redwhiteandblue-striped K2s. One pair also sports, apparantly ironically, those same Spademans.

K2 710s, with those beautifully simple (heels, especially) Marker M4 / Rotomat bindings, plus a separate after-market ski brake and a Lipe Slider.

Some sort of K2s from the short-lived capped-but-not-shaped era, advertising a "sport" sidecut of 5.2 mm.

Nice manly-sized Rossignol 7GKs (still skiable, actually).

Some 210 cm Rossignol SG skis.

A few of the ones that got away (from me or another family member), that I kind of wish I still had:

Some Lund skis (Northland's "off" brand) which belonged to my father and had a definite twist to them.

Any of a number of Japanese-made wood skis for children, painted with European / Alpine names and motifs.

Wine-red/purple Rossignol Stratos with sky-blue bases.

Rossignol ST650s, with the bold red-white-and-blue graphics scheme that screams "Early '70s" in much the same voice as a naugahyde couch.

Dynastar S730s which did the same thing, though by then it was the mid-70s.

Some or all of that fleet of black Head downhills, including the ones that bent.

Black Dynamic VR17s, sans ornamentation other than a little gold lettering, two stripes, and flex numbers impressed into the sidewall. I didn't actually have these, but my friend in high school did, and I wanted them. I still do.

Shocking orange Atomic GS skis which, since they were 212 cm and stiff enough to frame a house, were hard to turn, but went straight in a hurry.

Those terrible but fun Dyanstars with the red-plastic tell-tale heart in the tip.

Authier Zubiflex! Nifty.

Hexcels. Were there some Hexcels in there? There must have been.
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sjjohnston,Dynamics had the flex embossed at the very tip on the snow side.
I had a pair in high school, circa 1968 or 9.
(Yellow flags still prevailed in slalom)
They had a cracked edge and having had them only a week, fell and slid into the next bamboo gate.
That crash caved in a segment of the cracked edge.
Years and YEARS later, as a joke. I skied a pair of 207's in a Pugeot Eastern Pro (duel) race at Mt Hermon, Me.
Two bumps, the whole deal, at night.
Gawd, they were awful!!!
That must have been '77 or '78.
(just before kids............)
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