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Bone of Contention: Leg Left in BBQ Smoker

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Amputated leg left in BBQ smoker is a bone of contention......


Truth is stranger than (funnier) than fiction.....:

From the Charlotte Observer:

John Wood is trying to get from South Carolina to Catawba County today to retrieve his leg.
On Tuesday, a Maiden man found the lost appendage in a barbecue smoker he'd bought from a storage facility.
The man took the smoker home, looked inside, and saw something wrapped in paper. Inside, said Maiden Police Chief Troy Church, was Wood's leg -- the foot and most of the calf. Police are keeping it for Wood.
Doctors amputated Wood's leg after a 2004 plane crash in Wilkes County that killed Wood's father and injured two other family members, Wood said.
"When it was amputated, he told (the hospital) that he wanted that leg saved," said his sister, Marin Wood-Lytle. "He wanted to keep the bone because he wanted to be buried as a full man." Instead of a bone, a funeral home delivered the whole leg.
Wood put it in his freezer, his sister said. It became something of a joke when she came over. "I wouldn't even get a Pepsi out of his refrigerator."
But it stopped being funny when Wood got behind on his power bill and his electricity was shut off, the sister said.
Despite his family's protests, Wood-Lytle said, her brother took the screen off his front porch, wrapped the leg inside and "tied it to two posts to let it dry."
Wood-Lytle said her brother was homeless for a while, living in his van, which he eventually lost.
Their mother put his belongings in a storage facility in Maiden, about 45 miles northwest of Charlotte, Wood-Lytle said, and paid for the first few months.
Reached Tuesday, Wood declined to answer most questions. He did say he put the leg in the smoker because "I didn't have anything else to secure it in. There were no macabre intentions."
Maiden police talked with the storage facility's owner, who was auctioning off items in the units of people who were behind on their payments. Wood said he asked the owner of the storage facility not to open his belongings and is trying to get from Greenville County, S.C., to get his things.
On Tuesday his sister was watching TV and saw the man who found her brother's leg and thought "it just seems to never go away."
She said that on Tuesday, an officer came by and said they had her brother's leg.
"John had told them `how about just dropping it off at my sister's and she'll just hold it until I get there?' " she said.
"I told them `don't bring that thing in my house.' "
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Leg of lamb or leg of Dan?

So just how do you smoke an amputated leg then? They should have at least taken the hair off first right?

I just fear - this is such a bizarre story - that somehow someone was trying to smoke the guy's leg for jerky or something. Welp, it is hunting season down there and you get hungry wandering round the woods and such right? Not to say I'd be surprised by some folks out there

All in all I don't think the guy with the smoker has legal ground to stand on ... then again he's got an extra leg up on the amputee.
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The story is bizarre...the original owner of the leg feels violated because the new owner is cashing in:

"But Whisnant, who put a sign on the empty smoker charging adults $3 and children $1 for a look, now wants the leg back.
"He's making a freak show out of it," Wood told The Charlotte Observer for a Monday story. "He wants to put money in his pocket with this thing."
Whisnant, who was unsuccessful in his bid to get the leg from the funeral home, consulted with a lawyer and decided his best move was to persuade Wood to share custody and profits.
"It's a strange incident, and Halloween's just around the corner," Whisnant said. "The price will be going up if I get (a stake in) the leg."

Is this profiting off of others' misery?
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