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Boots for me?

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I have a D-E wide foot, 23.5, have been skiing on Tecnica Icon Carbons, bought 2 pairs but now both str shot. Looking for boots around the 120 flex range. Help....I understand most high performance boots are narrow, what should someone with a wide foot do to get a high performance boot? I do major punch outs for some irregular shapes but cannot fit the narrow last. Does anyone recommend grinding down the soul of an old boot and attaching a new plate, if the only thing wrong with the boot is the sole is all worn down?
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The Tecnica Icon Carbon is not a particularly wide forefoot boot and has a rather narrow toebox.

How tall? weight?

Dalbello Proton 14
Salomon Xwave and successor model?
Nordica Beast
Atomic B series

Though you may be able to (with some work) get into some boots with a 98mm forefoot like the Salomon Falcon, Nordica Doby 130 pro?

All these boots have IMO a nicer flex than the old Icon Carbons.

I would not waste the time or money on trying to plane the boots flat and plating/routing. Chances are the plastic is weakened from the UV's and use and it is time to move on. Also once you got them flat enough they would/should be canted to match your needs, requiring more planing. This means there may not be enough sole left to work with.
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bennerlur, i guess alot of your problem is the size, most of the performance boots in that kind of flex [excluding the race/modified race boots] stop at a size 24,

from mempory the forefoot width on the icon was as Bud said not particularily wide, i know the diablo was 99 but can't remember the icon, I think if you want the flex in that size it may be a case of somehting like the Dobi 130 or the Atomic Race tec CS and having the work done

where do you get the pain, often times it is down to the biomechanics of how the foot wants to sit in the boot rather than the width of the boot its self, if your foot doen not sit in a neutral position in the boot it can seem that the boot is far too narrow, similarliy if you have restricted ankle flex available.

get yourself to a good fitter and go from there
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