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Ho-ly Ka-Rap

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I scored a MAJOR deal today.

OK, backing up here...
A few months ago I bought a set of new Solomon Verse soft boots.
There was actually a lot of thought that went into the purchase but that doesn't really matter now, because it took exactly two runs at the local molehill to realize that these boots weren't made for 270 pound skiers.

So, Bill Cury at Cury's Sport Shop in Ramsey NJ., where I bought the boots told me to bring them back in. He gave me FULL CREDIT on a trade in (holy sh¡t!) and on top of that he sold me a set of Technica Rival X9 HVL boots for another $125, making the total cost for the boots, which were tagged at $400, only $350. You gotta understand though, that these boots retail for like $550, and it's now the height of ski season.

So that's terrific enough, but now it gets amazing.

I was looking at some new Pocket Rockets, just because they looked cool. These are twin tip back country skis that are short and FAT. So fat they make the Volant Chubb look like they have been on the Atkins Diet. I mentioned this to him, we started talking about the Chubbs and I mentioned how I slept just a little too long on a deal last summer and missed a chance at getting a set for $200.
Well Bill brings out a set marked at $424, and I tell him that it's no fair teasing me with something I can't afford.
Oh, and to make it even more interesting, these weren't the usual steel chubs. These were Chubb Ti's. Titanium baby!
So, I'm doing some math in my head and I realize that I'm not going to be able to get the new boots, which I really needed AND the Chubbs.

Then Bill does something astonishing. He told me that I could have these $424 skis, which retail at over $800, that even wholesale over $500...
He said I could have them for $200.

Folks, y'all know it ain't often I'm speechless, but it was all I could do to let my jaw dangle somewhere around my knees and give him a weak thumbs up.

So I not ONLY got my full price back on the boots that didn't work out, I bought a new set of skis and boots that together retail for around $1400 for only $550, plus another $20 for transferring my Marker 3.1s from my old PRE 1200's to the new Chubbs.

Man. I still can't believe it. I've been dreaming about these skis for a year now, and now I own them.

================================================== ==================

================================================== ==================
click on the image of the boots
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Quick!!!!! Go buy a Lotto ticket..cuz I know you're feeling lucky.
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Oh man, you got taken for a ride. Those Chubbs SUCK! I'll take them off your hands for $50, because I feel sorry for you.....
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Well I appreciate it Miles but I really think that I need to take responsibility for my actions and I will keep the Chubbs to teach myself a lesson.
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We have a thread on here that is now 100 posts long arguing personal responsibility.

Bravo on being the first to step up and show us how it is done!

Now then, I need some new boots, a new shoulder, bindings, etc, etc, I have about $200 to spend---can you help?
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Those Rivals are excellent boots - have you played with the custom arch yet?
When my local shop got them in this season, I was tempted to throw out my 3 year old Salomons for them because they were soooooo comfortable.

Enjoy your skiing.

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WHAT??!!! You forgot to ask for your RMSC discount!!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]

So, have you played with your new toys yet???
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I haven't played with anything yet...

The new skis need bindings mounted and the new boots are needed for the process.

I'll have a chance to check them out next week.
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Enjoy your new stuff!
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Ok whats the name and phone number of that shop? If he is doing deals that good I might just have to buy another pair of skis.

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