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Volkl AC3: How Bad Are Demo Bindings? Any other thoughts?

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I just decided to add the AC3 to my line (Volkl SL 165WC, GS 187WC, P70 SL 156, EnergY 320 163 Mt Dew) by picking up a decent pair of Demo's. My question is, how bad are demo bindings (Marker 11's)? I was wondering if it would be worth snagging a pair of Piston 14/16's off someone. Also, any other thoughts on the AC3 and how it will suit me for this year (East Coast)? I heard they are great East coast skis, they were quite nice on the few runs I got on a demo last year, but a few runs dont tell much.
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They just came in, by far best purchase I have made (well, the only ski I have actually paid for), $220 for practically new AC3s, bunch of edge left (I'd say its hit the stone twice, max), perfect bases, and a few tiny nics in the topsheet. The binding say iPT, and there is a little thing where the piston should extend, is there a seperate attactment for this?
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I just realized that one of the bindings is slightly different than the other. The boot sole setting for one is at a completly different one than the other, yet they fit the same boot snugly. The Heel peice on one seems a little further up than the other, and the toe on the other seems a bit back (Can tell by the edge of the plate). How do you take off or re-set demo bindings?
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If those bindings actually say ipt, that is a system binding, not a demo speedpoint. The ipt binding can adjust to any size. give me a minute and I'll send you a link to an owners manual.

Here you go. 521 kb. Let me know if you have problems with the link http://www.orbitfiles.com/download/id91197022.html

My mistake, that file is mounting instructions for the ipt PCOS piston. Same thing applies. You don't want to change that binding. Ask a tech how to make adjustments and have them test your settings.
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I know how to adjust, set, and mount, all simple stuff. I just dont know how to move up the heel and move back the toe on the plate.
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Open centre lever, turn dial. Viola!
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Originally Posted by Taxman View Post
Open centre lever, turn dial. Viola!
No, they are both set to identical physical settings, the boot fits both skis. But the measurement reading on the binding reads in the 290's on one and in the 320s on the other. Actual boot sole lengh is 317mm.

I guess I could say that the bindings are placed a little further back, or the rail is different. In a side by side comparison, one binding is clearly different from the other placement wise. A few mm here and there wont make that much of a difference, but its annoying me.
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Grasp the binding and attempt to move it fore and aft on the track. If it moves, it may not be locked down. This binding must have the lock pin in. The binding length should read the same. This affects not only the boot fit but forward pressure. What you are describing may be either an unadjusted binding or a malfunction that should be looked at. The piston will restrict movement, but if the piston is removed, you can remove the lock pin in the heel and slide the entire binding off the back of the rail.

The dial under the center of the foot is used to adjust the approximate length using the scale in mm on the binding. Then you have to eyeball the forward pressure indicator, low on the center of the heel. There is a triangle on it. That triangle needs to be about halfway buried in the housing, which indicates the right forward pressure. If it is in too far, you have too much pressure, if it is not depressed into the housing, you will release too easily. I generally go for the plunger to be flush with the binding housing to load it up a bit. Once the length and forward pressure are set, the DIN is set and tested. Oh, and you better know to set the binding retainer pin in the vertical (locked) position.
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Neither binding will budge out of place... damn.
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It might be time for you to take them to a shop.
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