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toe movement

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I've got a job ski guiding in the French Alps for the coming season and figured I deserved new boots so I bought myself a pair of Atomic CS 130s. I also got a pair of custom footbeds molded. I ski hard and fast on both packed snow and powder, come from a racing background, and would consider myself an expert skier.

First question - good boot choice?

Secondly - I can move my toes vertically a lot! In fact, I can curl them right up and almost put one toe on top on another. The fit round my legs is perfect, my heel has very little movement (if any), the shell sizing is fine and I can't move my feet forewards or backwards in to boots at all - there just seems to be a lot of room over the tops of my toes. To compensate for this space over my toes, I find myself over-tightening the bottom two clips, and as a result I get a pain down the outside of my feet.

So, is the fact that I get a lot of toe movement going to affect my skiing, and if so is there anything I can do about it?

My previous boots were Nordica Grand Prixs and they were so tight that my feet were aching after a full days skiing, so maybe I'm just used to overly tight boots?

Any help really appreciated!
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Great boot choice.

Toe wiggle room is not a bad thing, it helps keep the toes warmer. The bad side would be if you are able to move your met heads up/down or side to side. This would not be good.

You could shim inside the shell if you were bothered by this movement or if you find you are constantly overbuckling to compensate. Perhaps a 1/16" bontex shim between the liner and boot board or just under the toes. OR you could place a piece of thin neoprene over the top of the liner in the toe area to take up volume.

good luck.
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Toe movement will affect your skiing! You'll be warmer, happier and smilier. Everyone likes happy guides and by the way we are jealous. Can you really overlap your toes inside the boot? I can't even do it barefoot.
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what is the shell fit like on the new boots? toe room is good, but as long as the shell fit is right first. just worried that the boots might be too big?

if they are the right size, shims under the footbeds are great
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thanks for your help guys!

more info - my feet are about a size 9.5 UK, and the boots are a 27.5. I origionally tried the 28.5 but they were far too big and I could feel my feet moving as a skied.

shell fit - I reckon I get squeeze about 1.5 cm down the back of my foot between the heel and the boot with my foot pushed forward so my big toe is brushing the front. Does that sound about right?

Is shimming something I can do myself, or would I be better taking the boots somewhere? I don't leave for another five weeks so there's plenty of time to sort it out. I also live quite close to an artificial slope, so there's also plenty of time to try out any alterations.
As for overlapping my toes, I can almost do it in the boots, and can certainly do it out of them - maybe I just have weird feet!
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1.5cm is OK and more on the comfort fit side of the spectrum.

Yes, the reccomended shimming can be done by yourself. In fact you can probably make your own shims from some old insoles or cardboard boxes. You could also glue (contact cement) some neoprene shims on top of your liners over the toe area to take up volume.

Just play around because anything you do with shimming will be reversible if need be.
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Overtightening the first two buckles when the boot is new is not a good sign. This can be a symptom of too much volume in the lower shell. The CS 130 is not a particularly tight fitting boot for it's category. (I could ski it out of the box one shell size below my measured size)

The first thing I'd suggest is to at least re-visit the sizing or model choice.
If that's not an option and you decide to shim, then I'd take Bud's suggestions or maybe even go one step further and think about lining the entire tongue with 2mm nepoprene with the nylon side next to the skin.

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Unfortunately, re-visiting the sizing or model choice isn't really an option as I bought them online. I know, I know, it's a poor way to buy ski boots, but I couldn't find anywhere in Glasgow - Scotland even - that carries any sort of range of top performance boots.

I sort of figured that the CS 130 was not overly tight fitting for the catagory, but it holds my heel well and is very tight around my lower leg so I'm hoping it'll all be ok if I can shim the toe area.

Anyways, I'm going into town tomorrow to look for some neoprene and some glue so I'll keep you posted on the results (and any further questions I'm likely to have!)

Once again, thanks for all your help guys.
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