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GS Ski length - J1 (cdn) Female

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My daughter is a 15 year old first year J1 racer (Canadian J1 = USSA J2). She is a mid pack racer with a couple of top 15 finishes and one gs podium finish last year K2 (USSA equiv J3). 5'4" (162 cm) and approx 150lbs. National GS Points = 292.

Race and train mostly on hills of less than 1000' vertical.

Last years skis were Nordica GSJs at 161. Could easily have handled a longer ski.

Our dilemma is we ordered a pair of Salomon S Lab GS Jr skis last evening. This is Salomon's top end Jr ski and is available in a 177 only. It is essentially the regular GS Lab ski without the world-cup plate. They switch the plate out to allow more flex for the Jrs. The ski has a 23 m radius.

Coach has no problem with her being on that length, but believes she is better off on a Jr ski. Our concern is the jump from a 17 m radius up to 23 m. She is not racing FIS so FIS compliance is not an issue.

Most of the Jr skis top out at 170. Salomon is one of three Jr GS skis that go to the mid 170 range, but it comes with a 23 m radius. It seems all the mid 170 JR GS skis are all FIS compliant. With our smaller hills, she and I think a 18-19 M ski would serve better. We have noted a few GS cheater skis in the 175 range with an 17-19 M radius, but they are all adult skis.

SOOO the question is to you go for the adult ski to get the shorter radius or do you sacrifice the benefit of a tighter radius and stay with the JR GS ski.

She is reluctant to step down to a 170 JR GS which would accomplish the shorter radius.

Your thoughts as we can switch our order in the next few days.
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In the courses that she will face in the NS/NB circuit I would go with the deeper radius ski. Usually the flex of the junior ski will let her handle
the radius and its going to promote a more agressive line.
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Deeper Radius??

By deeper radius, are referring to a shorter or longer radius??

Our choice in the mid 170 length is:

Junior Ski with 22 or 23 M radius


Adult GS cheater ski with 17-19 M radius

Are you saying staying with the Jr with the higher radius as the softer flex will allow her to handle the course?
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Originally Posted by Ski-Dad View Post
Are you saying staying with the Jr with the higher radius as the softer flex will allow her to handle the course?

Yea its what its there for. Its to make the transition easier on the athletes moving up. It makes no sens going from a 16-17m to 24 when you can have 23-24m but soft. I also know the courses she's going to run GS on and I think the deeper (23-24) is the way to go. I may even be setting one or two :
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The Nordica GSJ @ 171 comes out to 18.6 using physicsman's sidecut radius calculator.
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She's at the point where she should be moving towards actively flexing the ski and not just riding the sidecut. She may be slower in the short term while making the adjustment, but developmentally she should be better off. The more she freeskis the GS skis, the better- lots of turns of varying sizes to get used to the longer length and decreased sidecut.

When it comes time to move up to an adult ski, she'll be better prepared and the shock will be decreased.
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I think you will be fine with what you've purchased. I tend to agree with TMAS29 that the softer, but longer turning ski, will be better than putting her on something that is a junior ski turning around 18 or even an adult ski turning at 18 or so. Salomons are SOFT. Bending a 177 will be no problem at her size. If she sticks with it she will have to jump to a real ski that has over a 23m radius, so this will prepare her nicely. Dropping to a softer smaller turning ski would be a mistake.
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Ski Choice

Your collective advice has confirmed our original decision so we stayed with the Salomon S Lab GS Jr at 177 (23M Rad).:

Subsequently I have spotted the following that are listed in the gear swap section by Zog.


Might be interesting as a spare set for odd day with a tight GS set, or Glalom course as the kids call em. Or a pair skis for dad to play with.:
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I am in about the same position with my son for next season and have the same considerations. How did the 177 Salomon's work out this year? Did she (or her coach) have any perception of them being too much for her?

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