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'07 Elan MO2.2 Double Rail?

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Went to Ski & Golf today and the sales rep pointed me to Elan MO2.2 Double Rail, he said that the company spends $0 on PR & advertisement but they make really good skis. I figured I'd find some reviews on these forums or on the internet, but all I could find is a big fat NOTHING!

Does anyone own them? I'm 5'10' 165lbs, ski 50% bowls 40% groomers 10% park in Keystone/Breck & Vail in CO. Would these be a good fit for me as an all mountain leaning towards powder ski?

How are they at fast speeds on groomers? Are they good in powder, trees?

Also, reading around the forums Seth Vicious comes a lot as a good powder/groomer ski - are the two comparable?
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I have not skied these but was THIS close to buying them last year... I had found some reviews of them, but I can't recall where. They look pretty bomber - kinda into the world of the Karma and so on. I want to say that those were the types of skis that they were supposed to be in competition with. I don't remember the specs on that ski though - but the use you are describing (minus the park) was the same general idea I had for them. I ended up finding a better deal on Rossi Scratch's however.

The Seth ais a good ski from everyone I've known that rides it. No personal experience with this one either though.
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I've tried these and liked them as a "regular" ski. They were good at everything, but skiing backwards. Pretty stable at speed for a twin tip.

If you want something better in powder or trees, I wouldn't be afraid to ski something a little WIDER.
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Thanks for the replies! I'm still pretty surprised that the M02.2 aren't very popular - I was seriously those after I saw the $270 price tag!

@axebiker how do you like Scratch BC at high speeds? It's my #1 pick right now and will probably end up buying them - although I heard that they are soft, can you confirm?

Also, I'm seriously considering Seth, but I've heard that they're a pair of noodles on groomers - is that true? I'm 5'10 165lbs.

I can get Mantra at a good deal (got a friend at Garts), but there are sooo many mixed reviews
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I skied the Mo2.2 last year for a good portion of the ski season. It was great in the park and still wide enough that I wasn't sinking when we skied the rest of Park City. I skied the 185's, but I'm 6'1" and 175. I have a pair brand new in the plastic 175's that I would let go for $200 if your interested. I'm in Salt Lake.
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