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Looking for new boots.

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Haven't been to the shop yet, but what boots should I put on my hot list, dis-regarding fit for now, just based on the style of boot. And yes I know it all comes down to fit in the end.

Here are the skis in my quiver
Line Anthem
K2 Public Enemy
Fischer RX-8

I;m looking for a boot that will work well for all those styles of skiing, something soft enough to play hard in the park, then stiff enough to go ski the RX-8s well.

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but what boots should I put on my hot list, dis-regarding fit for now
You have the wrong approach. REGARD fit above all else. The rest will take care of itself.


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Salomon Pro Model GUN!
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The gun is a great boot, if it fits your foot. I struggled last season because I was determined to wear them. They are made for extremely low volume feet. I like the Proton or the Krypton series from Dalbello. They are great boots at a competative prices. The Krypton has one of the best liners outside of customs. Salomon X waves (or this season's equivalent) are also high on my list.
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I wouldn't say the pro model gun was particlurily low volume, sure it is lower than an x wave, but so are most of the boots on the market

go see a fitter, forget your ski quiver tell the fitter the level ath which you ski and kind of thing you are doing and let them advise you, 30 people could reply to your post and give you 40 suggestions...all this serves to do is confuse the hell out of you

see a local fitter and good luck
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