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Early Season Hotspot

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When I bought my boots 4 years ago, I had them fitted by a professional. Every year, for the first 2 days, I get a hot-spot on my right instep... on the meaty part of my foot just below the ankle bone. The rest of the season I don't really have any issues. (Although I do notice some swelling on my right instep from time to time.)

Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with this hot-spot?

Some other history: I am fairly flat footed and tend to pronate. I hate wearing any type of stiff boot. When wearing ice-skates, roller-blades or any other stiff boot, I get hot-spots and cramping. My ski boots are the only stiff boot I can stand to wear (other than the first 2 days).

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I would suggest skipping the first two days of skiing

Seriously though.....what boots do you have?

Is this hotspot on top of your instep or on the outside edge of your foot? When you say "meaty part of the foot just below the ankle" it doesn't sound like your instep?
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Sounds like navicular from pronation. If you get your foot supported better you would probably find that goes away quickly. If you have foot beds go to the self testing section on our web page and try to figure out how much you might need to stop that. If it has been chronic no matter what boot you use that is probably it. But figure it out for yourself. Only the driver knows when the car is running right.
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Agree with Bud that area sounds like navicular and not instep. Also agree that better footbed may help. However.

Foot pronation and supination is natural movement of foot in boot and it may not be correct to limit it. It sounds as though your navicular is hitting the shell when you pronate. A small punch or grind. I'm more inclined to guess punch in the area will probably fix the problem.
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