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Wanted: Fischer RX9 170

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Can anyone do better than an online store price? (~$400 w/ binding.) Moderately used is fine, 05/06 or 06/07, doesn't matter much. I could really use a new carving ski (my old P40 Sl's are beat!) and I quite liked the RX9 when I demoed it last year. I just happen to be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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In April I got a new pair of RX9 160s with FX12 bindings for $289 + shipping from realsports-online.com, 1-800-807-7140. Haven't even mounted them yet.
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Thanks for the tip. Sadly all of their ski gear is off at Columbus day sales at the moment.
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Thanks for the replies, but I'm all set for now.

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