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Have a great bday Lisamarie!

Your book has helped me oh so much
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Happy birthday Lisa, and thanks for all the fitness help.
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I hope you have a perfect birthday, Lisa, and many happy returns!
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Wow, this year went fast. Happy Birthday LM.

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Originally Posted by Ron White View Post
Wow, this year went fast. Happy Birthday LM.

Ron, Happy Birthday to you Too!!!
I don't see you around here as often as I'd like. Hope the year finds you well and the turns find you with sharp edges!
Have a great season!
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Thanks TC. Now that the season is getting nearer, I hope to be posting on this great site.

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Yes Ron, many happy to you!
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29 again?
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You are so sweet!
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Sorry I missed it too.

Happy belated B-day.

Thanks for all the information and advice.
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Thank you! Write on!
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