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roller skates preparation

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Dad, That is AWESOME training. Where are you? I am moving there!

I cannot believe the organization, quality and intensity of the dryland training for the kids!

Running hills? We can barely get the kids off their beanbag chairs!
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I remember watching a video of Janica & Ivica Kostelic performing dryland training as a family with their father.

Great things can happen!

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Originally Posted by Racer256 View Post
Dad, That is AWESOME training. Where are you? I am moving there!
Not far. St-Petersburg, Russia
You are welcome!
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USSA NDS (National Development System)

Welcome to EpicSki. Thanks for sharing.

Inline skating/rollerblading is a very effective dryland training method.

What organization is running the dryland training? Is this from a development camp sponsored by the Russian Alpine Ski & Snowboard Federation (FGSSR)? What is the development process in Russia for making the Russian National Team?

What level is your daughter competing at? What will your daughter have to do in Russia to qualify for Topolino Whistler Cup

You may find these links helpful.

USSA NDS (National Development System)

USSA NDS Program Info

USSA NDS Advancement Grid

USSA NDS Junior Champions Project (see Project Report)

USSA NDS process/pipeline Rules (Western Region example)

USSA Topolino March 2007 from Youtube poster jyarmark (probably a coach from Rowmark Ski Academy)

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OK I did it. All those little Russian kids motivated me!

Being the video geek I am, I video-ed some Roller Blade training today and edited it up. I have a great street to use. You do not need fancy stuff. I got everything second hand. (Including I think my clothes. You will see what I mean). In case you do not notice, I am NOT a very accomplished roller blader but I have fun!

Soundtrack. Trust me, this is an intentional homage to cheesy music - but if this vid does not get you moving or at least interested in scouting out some cul-de-sacs and trying some roller blades, I don't know what will. Anybody tell me what 80s movie featured the final song?

Finally, I would love some motion analysis if anybody feels like it. I am thick skinned so let's hear it.

Hot off the press...
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That is wonderful enthusiasm, Racer256. Good find on the yard sale skates, they seem to fit quite well.

You have good balance and good energy.

Don't take this the wrong way, but I think the best thing right now would be to stop looking for hills and practice on the flat. Those skates can turn a lot tighter than in that video, and the reason they don't is that your balance is split between them.

Things to practice:

One footed gliding in a straight line. Try to get 20-30yards with either foot.

Scooter pushes, where one foot glides in a straight line while the other one pushes. Doing these in a straight line is pretty easy, the task for you would be to find a cone or a garage pillar and skate complete circles using only the outside foot to push.
Bring a rock, 8 feet of rope and some chalk and mark off a full circle. Skate scooters along that line, without lifting the inside foot. Try to stay on the circle even when you get tired and just wish to glide. Too easy? Try faster. If you have a skate buddy, you can play pursuit.

After that, cones.
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