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Snow at Vail!

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Flew over Vail on Sunday, and it really did look spectacular!
Many runs have already been packed down, snow making was in progress, and the coverage looked pretty decent (from 2000' up).
Sorry I didn't take my camera with me- I'm still kicking myself for not having it. It was a phenominal day to fly the mtns... Next time I get up there, I'll post a few photos.

Just read in today's paper that Vail is now planning to open on the 16th, a full week earlier than originally anticipated.

Their "official" snowfall total is now just over 6' (2m, to our Euro friends), they have packed it down to 20".


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Hi Ric--I was up at Vail yesterday. You wouldn't believe how many tracks there are--skiers and boarders hiking up have actually tracked it out! The snow does look great. Had to go to Gypsum afterward for an Elan/Dolomite meeting, and it was snowing hard in Vail again when I drove back (around midnight). Things are looking good!

Talk to you soon!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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It may be dumping in Vail but yesterday I was floating around Pittwater Sydney with a certain Junior, Ali & Liz (our front desk mum). From yachts, decent beer and sunshine to ..... SNOW!!! ... tis all that matters.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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