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Senior (over 50yrs) PSIA Stuff

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Sime senior skiing is being discussed on the Beginners Zone pages but thought the following question was more of an instructional post than a beginner post. thanks.

Can anyone give me some opinions on the new PSIA material on Senior Programs. A few of us are considering starting a Senior, Friday of instruction/guiding etc. just for baby boomers. I have a few opinions on this subject but woould really like to hear from others. Been reading a lot of infro. TPS pages, PSIA-NW Senior workbook, other articles in ski pubs and my own experience - 65 yrs old skier.

Anyway what do you think?:
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There's a Senior I clinic on the 13th to get the classwork part of the new certification. Check at PSIA-NW they should have some information . There are a series of clinics coming that weekend. Registration was over the 29 th so for 10 more dollars you can still register. That would make it 65 dollars.

It sounds like something that would fit your program perfectly. It's similar to ACE but is aimed at old farts like us that are 50 and over so we can address specific needs of the older students. There is a classroom part with handbook work and two day on snow part to be a scheduled along with some other written work . The clinics are at Gonzaga.
Cookie and PJ wrote an article in the NW Snowsports Instructor mailing from PSIA-NW. Go to http://www.psia-nw.org/ for more information
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I hope we can get this going nationally. I've written to my division's board representative to see if it's being considered. Hooraw for PNW's work on this.
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Hi GarryZ, Yep already signed up, see you at Gonzaga. Just trying to get some opinions from our vast Epic resource. I'm into the NW workbook now and am holding my opinions till my research is complete. I think there may be a possibility of some side bar motives etc.

Never enter into an investigation [or research] with preconceived solutions or the result will be biased and inaccurate. (Situational Crisis Management 1991).
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I read the senior specialist handbook, and I certainly agree with the concept.

As a 61 year old all-mountain skier with gimpy knees, hip, & back, I disagree with some of the movements. Rotary & subsequent skidding movements are hard on my knees and hip. I strongly prefer edging & carving movements. Skis with a 12 to 14 meter turn radius are easier to turn for me. I also strongly prefer down-unweighting/absortion/retraction turns vs. up-unweighting turns that put added load on the knees and quads. The mention of "stacking" must mean fore & aft alignment with the feet pulled back under the hips, not vertical side-to-side alignment over the skis. Side-to-side alignment must align with the pull of gravity and centrifugal force, not straight vertical as some teach.
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