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Where to live in Park City

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I'm planning on renting a place in park city for the winter where I'll probably spend about 12 weeks or more, our of a 5 month lease. I'm going to get a season pass at PCMR, and probably Snowbird as well. I've been looking at places in Kimball Junction and also closer to old town. Clearly there are tradeoffs involved. Near Kimball Junction, I get a lot more space, and nicer places. I'm also closer to the airport and Alta/Snowbird. Being closer to old town and PCMR clearly has its benefits. Does anyone have experience to share with either one?
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Silver Springs or park meadows.
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Racquet Club is nice tradeoff. You can get a bigger place. Nice to be able to get away from the crowds, but also way easy access to PCMR and rest of town. Good luck and have fun. Can't really go wrong in PC.
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I know this is an old thread, but figured I'd post my question here over starting new one (saves on bandwidth).


Regarding the Racquet Club Condominiums, has anyone lived there for a length of time or are presently living there (or know someone who has)


They seem a relative bargain for Park City, and very well located.  My research so far reveals the following.


A.  Wide range of Prices, they go from the mid to high 200's (these a bargain) to over 400K, models seem roughly the same, what accounts for this?


B.  Low taxes (about 1500 / year on average) but HOA fees going up and will average around 400 per month, this puts you somewhere in the $6000+ range per year all inclusive.


C. If you wish to rent your unit out, you would get about 1200 to 1300 per month on average.  This for long term rental, year's lease or longer.



Confirm?.....Deny?....Thoughts And Additional Input?


Again, any and all info welcome.


Thank You

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