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Stratton ticket prices

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One would of thought Aspen and Deer Valley would of been the first to break the $70.00 range for a day pass. I found this over at Firsttracks.com

Stratton Quietly Announces Country's Highest-Priced Lift Ticket

Stratton, VT (Wednesday, December 11, 2002) - Some lift tickets at Stratton Mountain Resort are up to $72 this year, the highest in the nation -- surpassing even the top resorts in the Rockies.

The price, announced on Stratton's website on Thursday, applies to Saturdays and holidays after Dec. 20. Until then, skiers and snowboarders are being charged $59 a day. Last year, Stratton charged a "walk-up rate" of $64 on holidays and $62 on weekends. This year, a Sunday ticket will cost $69.

The $72 Saturday and holiday ticket marks the highest one-day lift ticket price in industry history, surpassing Vail and Beaver Creek in Colorado, which each announced in October they would charge $71 a day this year. The average lift ticket price nationwide is $49.44 a day, according to the National Ski Areas Association.

Stratton -- which catapulted from the 17th best to fourth best resort in the East in a ranking this year from SKI Magazine -- offers many discounts, meaning only someone making a last-minute decision to ski on a Saturday or holiday would pay the record rate, said Myra Foster, a Stratton spokeswoman.

"It's still a great value for a great day on the slopes," Foster said. "There's the Express Card, which for $95 gives people 25-percent off on weekends and holidays -- bringing the Saturday ticket down to $51.75 -- and 50-percent off weekdays, plus $15 tickets on Thursdays. The Express Card, combined with season passes, account for about 60 percent of the resort's skiers on a Saturday," Foster said.

Simply buying a multi-day ticket will drop the price by about $20 a day, according to Foster.

"If somebody's looking to ski or snowboard Stratton on the cheap, Monday through Friday is the time to do it," Foster added. "There's a three-day mid-week ticket for $139 that comes with two nights of free lodging. There's a midweek season pass -- also valid at Okemo -- that is $299 and is blocked out for Christmas week and a week in February. And a direct-to-lift card gives you 5 percent off, no matter what day you ski. Just get the card and leave a credit card number and each day you ski a ticket will be bought for you -- at a savings.

"Saturday is the busiest day at resorts across New England each winter," Foster concluded. "We really don't want to set any skier visit records on the weekend."
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Having never skied stratton I can tell you right now that I will continue to never ski stratton. I cannot belive that stratton of all places is now the most expensive resort to ski at. Talk about a bunch of snobs. Is it true that for $3,000 you get your own parking space in strattons underground garage, and a locker in the "members only" lodge along with your season pass? This makes sure that none the bogner fur lined one peice wearing clientele from NYC will have to mingle with the real skiers.

Won't be too long before we hit the $100 lift ticket.

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While Stratton's a nice (but relatively easy) place, I would never pay that much to ski there! That's outrageous!!! There are plenty of other places, many with MUCH better terrain in Vermont and other states in New England.
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Through the chamber of commerce, I pay about $25 to ski selected midweeks days at Stratton, "The Big Easy"

Boring, but a great place to bring the Kids!

Good snow makes a difference!

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