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Whats good for me?

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Well I've been skiing for nearly 14 years and for the first time last spring i tried snowboarding. I picked it up ridiculously fast somehow and was doing blacks and double blacks that afternoon! Anyways, now I'm in the market for a new board. I'm 18, 6' 0", 230 lbs.. just a big guy... I rode regular (but I'm not sure if I would know the difference between that and goofy) and I'm not looking to go into the park, I'm looking to take it into the back country with me after I get some more on mountain experience.

So what I'm hoping you could help me out with is:

How should I pick my board? my boots? my bindings?
Any suggestions to a good beginners board / boot / binding?
Should I consider trying goofy before I make any final decisions even if I was comfortable as regular?
And also whats better click bindings or strap ins (and whats the difference in feel)? Would I be safer in strap ins if I'm planning to do some not-so-groomed runs and maybe head off the mountain a little bit?

Thanks guys!
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What size boot do you wear? That makes a difference on board recommendations too. I would say you are looking for boards in the low 160 cm range.

As far as boots go, try several different pairs on at your local shop. Find what fits you. Boots are the place to spend your money if you are trying to budget. I also recommend getting customer or semi custom footbeds.

If you rode fine with a regular stance, then there is no point to trying goofy. You'll work on it when practicing switch riding anyway.

If by click in's you mean step in bindings, they don't make them anymore and they suck when compared to todays tech anyway. Get yourself Flows or the K2 cinch if getting in and out of your bindings super fast is a priority.
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i wear a 29.5 ski boot, I'm assuming the sizes are measured the same... otherwise its a 12 1/2 standard size.. Thanks for the tip I'll look some stuff up... can you recommend any all mountain boards?
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With a 12 1/2 size foot, you are going to want a wide board.

The Neversummer Titan TX is an all mountain charger it will take a pounding but it also fights back. It's a lot of board and definitely for the advanced rider.

Neversummer also makes the Heritage and Legacy models in wide models. The Heritage might be right up your alley.

The Unity Dominion is one of my all time favorite freeride boards. This board just slays everything. It's a lot of board like the Titan TX but a little more forgiving.

Another one I was really surprised by was the Flow Infinite Freeride wide models. That board just rips. I guess I shouldn't be that surprised as Elan makes them, but damn it was a standout, holding it's own just fine against Neversummer and Unity boards I demo'd last year.

Plenty of other companies make quality wide boards too...
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Here is a thread from another forum with a huge review of freeride and freestyle boards. El knows his stuff, and his reviews are honest.
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Oooh - Red Lodge!

Good advice here. You might want to check out this nice buyers guide from fogdog. From your post, you're going to want a freeride type of board. I'm 220 and ride a 167cm board.

You might want to experiment with riding "duck" (having both feet pointed towards each end of the board). It's an acquired taste. In general, you want your power foot in back. If you kick a ball with your right foot, then you want your right foot in back.
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Originally Posted by therusty View Post
Oooh - Red Lodge!

Thanks for all your tips guys.... I'm gonna check out that guide while im in class today and probably head to a shop next weekend and see what they have to say.
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found this deal on ebay... is that gear pretty good for a freeride beginner? I feel like you cant go wrong with that price
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Man, all I got to say is you get what you pay for.

Bindings = crap for sure, Lamar is cheap price point gear and it will show.
Boots look crappy.
The board might be decent, I don't know about that one.

Seriously, don't buy boots without trying them on first. Would you buy ski boots sight unseen if you weren't sure about the fit? Same rules apply for snowboard boots.

In terms of importance.

1. Boots, don't skimp or plan on being in pain, a lot.
2. Bindings, middle of the road will do, I wouldn't go low end. Again the pain thing.
3. Boards, you can go price point here. Don't expect as good of performance as better boards, and it probably won't last as long either.
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Alright thanks, I'm gonna head to an outfitter then soon and see whats up
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you should check in your area, sometimes you can find really good deals close to home. I found a K2 board about an hour away for 1/3 of the original price. My buddy and I drove out and picked it up and he still rides it to this day, nothing wrong with a really good board second hand, just make sure ou give the board a good look over before you give up the cash.
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Yeah and be real careful that you're not buying stolen goods. This is a good time of year to check out swaps at your local shop or ski show. More legit gear ...
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