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Bindings question

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After a few years gap I am starting to refill my quiver. I just grabbed some 1080 guns, 90 mm wide, never drilled and am going to be slapping some new bindings on them. I am a level 9 skier and plan on using these mostly out west in the BC and in bowls. I am pretty out of touch with what are currently considered good bindings for what I am looking for at a decent price. If anyone could throw out some suggestions for me that would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Mack
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You mentioned BC. Do you need a heel release for alpine touring or skinning? What DIN settings do you expect?
What have you used that you like?
Prefer lightweight or more of a race stock feel?
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salomon ps 711 DIN setting 7 ( I broke my leg once as a kid because my bindings didn't release so i tend to set lower than norm).
I would generally like alpine bindings, I have a set of freerides already.
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So you prefer lightweight and low-DIN bindings over racestock.

I believe that mounting Salomon bindings will at least double your warranty.

So personally, I'd go with a pair of older stock, either 810s or 912s, over the new Z series, but the Z10 and Z12 (or STH12) would probably fit your needs fine.
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Looks like salomon only offers an extended warranty for a new ski bought with a new binding.
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I picked the 1080s up from a buddy so I don't see salomon warrantying anything for me
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Since you (a) are a level 9 skier and (b) prefer a light DIN setting, I would consider a LOOK/Rossignol PX/Axial binding. At a given DIN setting they will offer some of the best retention capabilities. They are not particularly light but I would suggest you back back-burner the weight issue in favor of other factors.

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Without warranty being an issue... what Jim said.
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I just grabbed a set of looks so thanks for the feedback
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