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Loveland/Abasin Nov 1stish

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So I will be coming back from the east coast right around then and loveland will most likely be open. Whos up for making some turns. also will have my AT gear with me if that your thing.
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We would be game for a pm 1/2 day. Sure we could geta few others to join in.
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I'll be flying that day (again). Another near miss...
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I'm always down for a ski day. My first full winter living here, so I plan to get a few days in.
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definitely- I'm off on Nov. 1st and am planning on skiing that day (month 37 of my TAY obsession). I would love to meet up with you (don't know if I can keep up with you, but I'll try!). I've got both alpine and AT gear and I'm up for either. I've got a pass for the basin and a 4 pack of discount tickets for Loveland, so either is great.

I will be on call the night before, so if I have a bad night I won't be able to get an alpine start. I'll pm you my cell #.
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cool DP not sure the exact date yet, but will pack my RC4, PEs, and Mantras.

Got you cell phone number and I hope more bears come out of the wood work.
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i "think" I'll be in Denver that week for my buddy's Halloween party and to pick up a Colo Pass...would be down for turns if I am.
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