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EvoGear Deals

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Now that my order is confirmed, I thought some might be interested in some 2006 "new" Apache Outlaw skis over at Evo Gear for $357 INCLUDING SHIPPING AND INSURANCE. I was bidding on some skis on Ebay when I came across this and basically the Ebay store told me I should jump on this and that they were familiar with the seller and had bought from them in the past. (They didn't send me there, I was just trying to justify my "Best offer" on a Buy it Now item.)

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Evo has a great reputation...
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EVO is A1

I snatched a couple of 2006 Look PX 12 Ti bindings for my new 8000 & 4800 Legends....$119...EVO has great deals and service! It's the new "Cupolo"
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Evogear is an excellent seller/store
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Got my first pair of skis from them. *Nostalgic sniffle*

Great deals and excellent customer service.
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And Chiefs are even less!
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I ordered a pair of 125mm brakes for my Spats from Evo last month. They arrived, no problem.

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Bought some demo skis from them last year, condition was far better than expected. Very happy with them.
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I ordered a HH jacket and pants from them a couple years ago. Got a great deal on a hard to find item. I just ordered a pair of Salomon Gun boots from them and am anxiously waiting their arrival.
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I bought some used demo skis from them for my son. Good price, and good service. I found the the same way; looking for skis on ebay.
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