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Winter weather predictions

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Has anyone heard anything regading regional snow predictions for North America this upcoming season? The summer seems to be blazing just about everywhere in the USA.
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The 2002 Farmer's Almanac hits the stands on August 28.
Apparently it has an accuracy rate of 80 to 85%.
Other than that, Pray for Snow, and lot's of it!
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I've been looking for info all summer.
As best as I can figure out, the weather will be pretty similar to last year.

Also, I've been reading where the climate trends (regardless of whether they are natural of caused by man) seem to be bad for every ski area in the world, except the Northeast US, where it'll lkely mean more snow.

Finally, the old timers (WW2 generation) in my club tell me that the weather tends to go in 7 year cycles. We can expect another 6 years of what we had last year if that's true.
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Check out


The national weather service has some very scientific stuff. They were on target last year predcting a good early season here in the Wasatch - but I did not follow through the winter.

If these maps are to be beleived it looks normal nationwide - maybe a little dry early in the rockies.
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A lot of that depends......

... If Oboe comes out of his summer estival and sees his shadow.
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Hey Oboe has made a guest appearance on one of the other threads. But, staying on topic. Lake Erie has post a water temp one degree higher than the record. This is because of a number of thing but mostly due to the low level. Anyway, a higher lake temp equals more and longer lake effect snows downwind. Holiday Valley, NY could out due last years 200"+, which is alot for this area.


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Just saw an article in the paper on the Farmer's Almanac which went on sale yesterday. It is predictiong a very snowy winter beginning in late November!

The gist of the story is that the Almanac claims a 80% accuracy rate with its predictions. With no El Nino or La Nina effect this year to meddle with the high level prevailing winds it believes this year's predictions will be proven correct.

The Northeast is predicted to have a lot of snow along with thePacific Northwest and the Southeast. The Almanac predicts a drier winter for the middle of the country according to the news article.

CAVEAT: The news story points out that last year the Almanac predicted a normal winter for the Northeast which instead was pummeled with storms. The Almanac attributes last winter's forcasting error to the the absense of La Nina, El Nino.

Also a represenative from the National Weather Serice contends that weather can not be accurately predicted so far in advance. Neverthelessthe Almanac stands by its methodology and it claim to being accurate 80% of the time the article stated.

Whatever the ultimate facts prove to be, its tempting and exciting to think about this winter's prospects.
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As prescribed by my chiropractor


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There's also the probability thing (and my next statement will make it clear that I'm no expert in the subject): It's been a lot of years (6) since we had A LOT of snow in the Rockies, so it's about time we did.

Or maybe the ski areas have been bad to their employees and are suffering bad karma?
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