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That particular spot looks a bit steeper on both sides in the pic than it was in reality. We had actually landed on the ridge behind and above where the picture was from - did a few nice spring turns and a traverse to get there.

This is not an especially good picture, but it'll give you a good idea of what was going on at that spot. The intense concentration was because of a need for a few careful rock avoidance turns near the entry (and in fact, some steps in/on the entry), not because of any uber-gnarly pitch (oh well, there goes the mystique). If I remember right, on our next run we entered the same area via a more rock free zone on the next little saddle along the ridge...

Although as Julie notes, some of the drop off points do a good job of getting your attention. They like landing right on those ridge lines - and sometimes the "backside" that 1 third of the helicopter is hanging over drops a fair ways. The ridges in the pictures should give you some idea. Kinda cool. Although I confess that since this was out first experience doing the heli thing, my initial reaction as we settled into our first landing was "no effing way..."

In response to a few people's observations, I have to say that everything we did - skiing and otherwise - was pretty approachable. The hard part is getting there and getting your bearings a bit. Hence the detailed info on some of what worked for us - just to help fill some things in a bit should anyone decide to go play. There are lots of options as far as budget goes. Once you are there, you can pretty much manage it as you need/want to (within reason). As far as I can tell, there's lots of fun to be had at any point on the spectrum.

If you like the looks of it, just go and do it! Next year anyway...
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what an awesome trip report and I loved the pics.

Thanks for taking the time spindrift to share your trip, I really felt I was there with you guys. And as a heliski virgin it made me really want to do it
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Some Tasman Photos from my NZ 1990 trip. Colour has faded

The planes is over 10Km away. Mount Cook is to the right of the planes

Flying down the tail end of the Tasman back to Queenstown.
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