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'06 Head Supermojo vs SuperMojo 103 Team

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I'm looking for a comparison of '06 Head Supermojo vs SuperMojo 103 Team skis.

Anyone ridden/owned one or both, what are your impressions, for stiffness, handling, overall, etc?

(FYI, I've been riding Volkl Gotama 183's as a one-ski quiver on the east coast weekly, and out west a few trips a year for the past two years.)

Looking for something similar in stiffness/style, w/a lil more edge grip, and the same ability to plow through the trees.
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Never skied the Goats but my impression is that the supermojo and team 103 are a totally different type of ski than the goats. I have the old im103 which is basicly the same ski as the team mojo and they are really stiff burly, ski huge and are just about the most demanding big mountain skis you can get. In the 183 length they have mor effective edge than my 188 nordica Beasts and my 191 Scott P4s. The supermojo is supposed to be a slightly more user friendly version with the same dimensions and the goats are obviously not a super stiff / demanding ride. Search / Ask on TGR for more info from people who have skied both.
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I've kied 190 Gotamas and have a pair of im103's (which tromano has said are similar to the Team 103's). The Gotamas have a really wide range as far as what you can do with them and what type of skier they're best for. The 103's don't. You need to be going pretty fast and aggressive. Think really wide DH racing ski. They're not a great tree ski unless your idea of tree skiing is like Luke Skywalker blasting through the forests of Endor.
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Originally Posted by molecan View Post

Looking for something similar in stiffness/style, w/a lil more edge grip, and the same ability to plow through the trees.
As already mentioned the Goat and the Big Mojos are opposite ends of the spectrum. I too own the 183 Goat and I chose it because it is very easy and compliant without being too wimpy. Those qualities are the magic of the Gotama.......it is very middle of the road.

If you want more edge grip, you will have to get a stiffer ski especially torsionally, and that will rob you of some of the ease and nimbleness of the Gotama. The Mojos are just too far the other way.

Here are a few skis that offer a little more edge grip than the Goat without being incredibly stiff.

Nordica Enforcer....Some say it dives in powder. This ski has a lot of shape and that can contribute to tip dive but it may also be a function of where they were mounted. I skied them late in the spring and the grip was very good. I didn't get the chance in anything deep so I can't speak to the diving issue.

Atomic Sugar Daddy....This was my fat ski of choice until I got the Gotama. Why?? the Gotama was a little easier. OTH the SD is light and nimble and has the Atomic edge grip from the mid forebody on back. The tip is a little softer than the Goat but the thing grips like crazy underfoot and in the tail. This is an excellent ski and the only reason I got the Gotama at all is that the SD is a little stiff in the back half and takes a little more juice to finish the turn.

Atomic Pimp:....The new Pimp is a laminate with a fairly straight shape and medium flex. I skied it in the spring and was impressed with the grip but I didn't go back to back with the Goat so I can't give you a definitive as to whether it was better, I think it is though.

Personally, I don't care (within reason) if a wide ski grips well on hard snow because I don't choose to ski them all the time. If it hasn't snowed lately, I have other stuff that I like better. If that were a factor, I might have never gotten the Gotama to replace the SD.

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That gives me a bit of insight, thanks.

I do want a stiffer-wide ski for high speed pursuit, but don't really want to compromise too much vs the gotama on tree-ski/turnability. I did want a lil bit more effective length, the got's are really pretty short in the 183's w/the tip and tail upturn. (FYI, I'm 6'2", 240ish)

It seemed to me that at the end of last season my Gotamas were getting a bit soft, and were losing some of their ability to plow through chop/crud.

I'm not sure I've skied them out, but they do have well over 100 days on em.

Maybe I'll just get another pair of Gotamas, I haven't enjoyed a ski as much as those in my 29 years on planks.
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There are a lot of good skis in this range that I like but you know....the Goat is just hard to beat. It's easy, and personally, I like that.

One thing to put in the back of your mind........Dynastar will launch a Legend Pro XXL in a 186 in (roughly) late November. I have not seen one so I can't speak to the the flex. At your weight however, the current LP 186 would flex pretty well for you. The new one will be 109mm wide and if I had to guess, will be similar to the existing XXL.

Just food for thought.

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