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Volkl AC40 vs. Head IM78

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First post with a question on new skis:

Does anyone have a passionate opinion - up or down - on the Volkl AC40 versus Head IM78?

5'10" 158 lbs - solid level 7 and improving. Moved to the Rockies two years ago and now average 40+ days (from @10 annually prior). 50/50 groomers to off-piste. Entertain some bumps and moguls, but prefer bowls, steeps and trees.

Others have suggested the Mantra and IM82.

Am willing to pay the ante, but can't afford a three ski quiver. Lost my old skis due to apparent Karmic debt (and a determined thief that shattered the bolt on a ski locker).

Any informed advice is appreciated.

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WEll,,,,, i just bought the 78's but you may want to read the reviews here, especially by dawgcatching. IMHO, the 78 is a bit softer and more versitile, especially in the bumps. It's not a real pow ski (gaper alert) but It would be fine in a foot or so. You could go straight to a Mantra or something similar, like a Watea 94 and get more float. Its a preference thing of where you ski and how you ski.
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I live in the West and ski regularly in Tahoe but have probably 100 Colorado days in my skiing career. I have several skis to choose from but IF I had to narrow it down to one, it would be something in the mid 80's range (give or take)

There are a lot of great skis in the 80mm+ width range and they all offer nice versatility. Within any range though, you will find skis that will shine a little more on the groomers and some that will shine a little more on the soft.

Here are some that are a little better on the groomers.
  • Volkl AC-40
  • Head M82
  • Nordica Jet Fuel or Afterburner
  • Fischer Cold Heat
  • Atomic Crimson
Here are some that are a little better in the softer/deeper stuff
  • Atomic Snoop Daddy
  • Fischer Watea 84
  • Scott Mission
  • K2 Outlaw
  • Rossi B83
  • Volkl Bridge (I know, this is wider than I mentioned but it's a pretty good all around ski)
  • Dynastar Big trouble (Same caveat as the Bridge)
Here are a couple of "tweeners"
  • Dynastar Mythic
  • Sollie Fury ('08)
There!...... that oughta to get you so confused you'll decide to move to Florida....

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Like SJ said, there are alot of good skis in this category. To specifically answer your question, the iM78 is a great one-ski quiver that is very powerful underfoot and great in bumps. The AC40 is a bit stiffer and less energetic, but every bit as stable on groomers, as the iM78, but not as good in bumps. I felt it be a little less responsive than the iM78, which had more all-mountain performance for me. The AC40 felt like more of a cruiser to me, and I didn't really like it in the soft stuff as much as I liked the Head iM82, which seemed to be a better choice than either the iM78 or the AC40, due to a larger turn radius and a more damp ride that seemed to be made for soft crud at speed. Neither the iM78 or AC40 was as stable in big arcs in rough crud. Out of the 3, the iM78 is probably the most versatile, the AC40 the best big-arc, hard snow carver, and the iM82 the best crudbuster. Any of the three are great one-ski quiver models.
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Thanks Finn, SJ and Dawg.

Picked up the IM78s today. Thanks for the feedback. Will look for something more specific for pow when 'fundification' for this recreational addiction recovers.

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