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Season In New Zealand

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Hi All

I am planning a seasons boarding in New Zealand this summer (by that I mean the UK summer) and am looking for any advice people might have.

I am looking for a combination of good boarding and lively social life but have no idea where I am most likely to find this.

Also i plan to try and get a job on the resort for the season preferably on the lifts or some thing on the slopes. Any advice on this would also be good as I have never worked a season before.

Thanks in advance.

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I suggest that you use the bulletin board on www.snow.co.nz , you will gets a lot more responses than here - and views from some closer to your own age. There are only a few NZ'ers who are active.

My suggestion would be Wanaka or Queenstown. Wanaka services 3 ski areas, and Queenstown 2. You live below the snow line in the towns, and the ski areas transport staff to the mountains.

Both are typical resort towns in that accomodation can be hard to come by, I would not come without arranging something first. I know of instructors in Wanaka last season who paid $150 a week (each!) to share a caravan in a camping ground. There are also quite a few backpacker hostels, many staff live there for the season but you need to book.

There is a Wanaka classified newspaper, The Messenger, that is published on the web, it is all adverts, and has an accomodation page. http://www.printit.co.nz/messenger.html
Closer to the time I would start checking it, or even place an advert yourself. The ski areas note on their web site when they start taking applications for staff.

If you are into boarding I would suggest Wanaka. There is the Snow Park which is very popular with boarders, is just one big terrian park; Cardrona always has a lot of man made half pipes, and Treble Cone has natural gullies that make great half pipes. Wanaka is smaller than Queenstown but not as touristy - less hotels etc. Both have plenty of nightlife, and are only an hour apart by car. It does not sound much but in winter it can be a long way for those commuting daily.
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Cheers Julie

Some good points for me to think about.

Quite strange really. Iv not checked the post until now since i put it up. About 25mins after the first reply.



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The Wanaka ski areas open mid june and close end of September/early October. You would be expected to sign up for the whole season which is just over 3 months, almost 4. If you work off the mountain you could come earlier, stay later etc. A lot of those who come for a working ski holidya prefer to do evening work in town so they can ski during the day.

Make sure you build some time (and save some money) to have a look around the South Island while you are here. It is a long way to come and it is a beautiful country. If you do it at the end of your holiday, you might have met some others who want to do something similar you can travel with, and if you are lucky they may have a car. Check out spindrift's posting on 'Trip reports' to see how beautiful it is. I've talked with a few young ones who come for working holidays and end up not seeing much before they have to go home and regret it.
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