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Dalbello - Kryzma va Storm vs Lotus

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Hello -

Our local shop carries only the Dalbello Lotus. No Kryzma and no Storm - of course they can be ordered. My daughter tried the Lotus on and it looks to be a very, very good fit but awfully soft. So the Krypton series looks to be a good choice but the concern is which model to get. She is an excellent skier and is not the park and pipe type so we are thinking the Storm or Kryzma are better choices. Additionally we want the Intuition liner. If it helps she is 5' 5 1/2", 130 pounds athletic skier who skis hard, fast, and fearless.

From the Dalbello website it looks like the Kryzma, with the choices of tongues and footboards, can be set-up to mostly cover the flex range of the Storm - excepting perhaps the Storm's softest flex setting. Additionally the Kryzma offers the advantage of the firmer version of the Intuition liner. So, it seems logical to go with the Kryzma given that she is probably well above the level of the Storm at its softest setting and the Krzyma covers the remainder of the Storm's flex range while allowing for more stiffness if desired.

Make sense? Am I missing something?

For extra credit - The other boot that was a good fit was the Lange WC Team. Obviously stiffer than the Dalbello Lotus. Any insight as to how the flex of this Lange will compare to the Kryzma and Storm? Obviously more of a hard snow race type boot but if fit is king then a good choice.

Thanks, Tom A.
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Let me chime in on the product and I will let the bootfitter get into the particulars.

First and fore most, The inherent flex on the Krypton series is indeed soft, do not let that sway you. The boots are very stiff laterally and thats what is important in the performance of this series. It sounds like, from your discription of your daughter that the Lotus will not be enough boot (although it is not that much different from the Storm, just liner). The Storm and the Kryzma would be good choices. The liners will be a bit more supportive in the Kryzma, plus you will get a few more fit toys with them. These are points that you already hit so you are indeed on the right track. But do not be afraid of the softer flex pattern of the Krypton.

If warmth is a concern, the ID liner will be much warmer in this comparison vs. the Lange.
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You've got it right. Be aware that as Phil said this boot will feel softer than other boots with the same flex number.

Of course you already know that flex numbers are assigned by the manufacturer and there is no standard.
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The Lotus has a different Tounge, 'A', Storm 'B' and Kryzma 'C', there is no 'D' on any Dalbello boot, as yet. As Philplug points out, Storm has an ID liner, is worth the mony if you can but the 'A' toungue should you need more flex. Otherwise, they all come with plenty of toyss to; stiffen them, change cuff alignment, so don't worry too mych if you pick either, the Krysma is the least versatile in this respect, as you need ' sorter option however agin you could buy it if you gan get a 'A' toungue from your Zookeeper.
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Lou, there is now a standard.
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